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wedding season makeup tips

Wedding Season Makeup Tips

Wedding is the festival of dazzling lights, glamorous parties, exchanging warm pleasantries & sweets. Wedding fervour makes us to adorn beautiful ethnic outfits and embellish them with jewellery then why not some makeup and pose

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invest in real estate india

Real Estate Investment

Real estate comprises of property that includes land and infrastructure being built on it along with the available natural resources in the area. Be it commercial or residential it is fast becoming the most preferred option for investors. With

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health benefits of Almonds for glowing skin

Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds for Skin

Mostly almonds are used for food purposes. Mixed with chocolate, it seems a tempting dessert. Almonds contain vitamin E which helps nourish your skin

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buy christmas gifts online in india 2017

Christmas Sale

New Delhi, India, December 14, 2017. Finally, the big day is around the corner and you probably waiting for your time to shop much at less. But the wait is over here, as Makemyorders has come with Christmas sale 2018 and is inviting you to

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real estate negotiation strategies and tips

Real Estate Negotiation Tips

There is always a negotiator hidden in you! Can you deny this part? Whether you are in a bazaar buying regular grocery items or in a super market splashing out on some exclusive attire, negotiating with the price is something that strikes

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