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5 Travel Lessons to Learn in Your 20s

5 Travel Lessons to Learn in Your 20s | Travel Tips

The twenties is the age of excitement, adventure and experience. Though some people might need a reason for going out on a vacation but in the twenties, there are just two species existing, one who find reasons for holiday and others who create the reasons… Hmmm…

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Indian Real Estate

Signs of Market Bottoming Out, Emergence of New Growth Destinations & Major Policy Changes in Anticipation

In tandem with the global realty, Real Estate in India is also showing signs of positivity with markets bottoming out in the major cities. Although there is a prevalent tendency among buyers to wait so that prices can further slump, selected markets across every

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How to Make Your Flower Bouquet Lasts Longer

Flower Bouquet

Unsure about how to retain the gorgeousness of your bouquet last longer? Receiving a flower bouquet is always a happy concern. But, as much as you want to keep them forever, flowers will start wilting shortly after you have received

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Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi 2016

With the festival of Raksha Bandhan around the corner, it is time to honor and celebrate sibling relationship. While, I have been telling my daughter stories about why we celebrate Rakhi, on our way to nani’s house, she asked me, mom, Rakhi is for brothers and sisters, and

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Cuff Links For Business Meetings

Cuff links are a perfect display of personal elegance and power as well as the prestige that one gives to himself. They were built on ancient France for binding the cuffs of heavy dresses that royals used to wear. Gradually till today,

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