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9 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Digital marketing is defined as the promotion of products, services, or brands with the use of an electronic media. It differs from traditional marketing and uses various channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze

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Essential Oils & Their Benefits

Can essential oils be a part of your yoga sadhana? We think so! While the ancient yogis didn’t have access to modern essential oil processes, the use of clean and pure scents were praised. Some yoga sects also used particular herbs to aid their

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5 Dreadful Study Habits You’ve Probably Been Following

Writing Education

Have your ever heard about dreadful habits that ruin your life and your health? Smoking, consuming alcohol, sleeping only a few hours per day… We all know these habits and we know their effect. However, almost none of us know that we

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Chota Bristol Kolkata

Chhota Bristol, Kolkata

They said celebrated filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak would take to whisky there to drown his sorrows whenever he ran out of funds or was hugely unhappy with a script. They say how he would bring his unit members and friends over and altercations

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Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery

No matter how popular cesarean delivery nowadays is, almost every expectant woman still wishes to deliver her baby vaginally without medical intervention. The main reasons why most of the women prefer to bring their babies into

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