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Gauhar Jaan Calcutta – 1873-1930

“They say beauty is but a flash in the pan
And the arts just facades for sorcery
Yes, she was one whose heart was wanton
But even today, immortal she stands”

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Shot Blasting and Sandblasting – Safety Wear

We provide blasting machine operator safety wear, which is used at the time of blasting operation. For the safety of an operator, we are offering shot/sand blasting safety wear like the helmet, air breather, air conditioner, operator suit,

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Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Manage Your Cash Flow

In this cut throat competition when you have commenced any startup you need to be cautious and stay ahead of your rivals. First and important thing is to manage your cash flow and capitals. This article is all about how we can manage

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Tips to Organise Perfect Office Christmas Party

You may be nervous and feel scared a bit when you are assigned to organise the next Christmas party for your office. If this is how you feel then you are not alone. This is because it is a great challenge to organise something that all your

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Monsoon Special Bollywood Songs List

The monsoons are here in right earnest. And like every year, the country heaves a cumulative sigh of relief as grey clouds and stimulating petrichor usher in respite from the stifling, energy draining heat of the Indian summer. Infact,

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