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durga puja 2018

Durga Puja 2018

Did you know that the roots of present-day Durga Puja celebrations lie in the Ramayana? Have you ever wondered why Durga Puja is called Akal Bodhan or the

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kolkata history part 2

Kolkata History Part 2

Agreed, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are financial, technology and lifestyle powerhouses while Hyderabad and Chennai have been growing rapidly in their own

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demat account advantages

Demat Account Advantages

Opening any trading or bank account might seem to be a challenging task. But with the help of experts of brokerage companies, you would go through an easy process

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tips to get you motivated

Tips to Get You Motivated

It is normal to get bored with the monotony of life. Do you wish, if you could have a better job or a better standard of living? All such thoughts affect our lives deeply,

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offbeat places in udaipur

Offbeat Places in Udaipur

With glorious history behind it, Udaipur is considered one of the most favorite tourist destinations for Western tourists in India. It’s historical and magnificent. It

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