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google structured data markup

Google Structured Data | Google Schema

Every business is having their own website and they want to maintain their reputation management. However, we all know the struggle is to get your website on Google first

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Web Hosting Trends 2017

Building a website for your business is no more a trend, it is a necessity if you want to remain competitive in the market. Be it marketing or promotion, one of the core reasons that you create a website is to capture potential audience that can

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arab dance vs indian dance steps

Arab Dance and Indian Dance

It is very common for people to imagine that Arab dance and Indian dance are the same thing, barely differing in a few small details, or some even think that they are variations of the same dance that simply exist in two

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Android Application Development Service

Android Application | Android 4.3

Android is one of the most common platforms which is used by millions of people to use mobile apps. But as in the case of all other things which are related to technology, apps also get updated on a periodic basis. So, if you have been

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list of caribbean dances in colombia

Caribbean Dances

This hot zone was influenced by the Africans and the Spanish and overflows its extravagance and joy in its extensive territory, from the Guajira Peninsula to the Gulf of Urabá. The dances of this region are: la cumbia, el bullerengue, la

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