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eye makeup tips for beginners

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

It is no shame to admit that I am a beginner. After all, we have experienced, do not know what brush, where to use eye shadow, let alone how to match. But don’t

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shop luxury fragrances

Shop Luxury Fragrances

Ever wondered as to why be some luxury fragrances so mighty expensive? In the world of perfumes, you can find the price of even a tiny bottle shooting upwards of

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permanent lash extensions

Permanent Lash Extensions

Women love to pamper themselves. In fact, every woman has got a ‘must-have’ Sunday pampering treatment that she tends to do. For some this might be painting

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12 ayurvedic beauty tips

12 Ayurvedic Beauty Tips

A glowing skin is a sign of beauty and elegance. It is also a symbol of balanced mental and physical health. And so, the ancient medicinal system of Ayurveda has

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types of body butter and benefits

Types of Body Butter and Benefits

The body butter is a natural source of skin smoothing treatment which is long lasting hydration with natural and organic botanical. It helps treat, sooth, and

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