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types of body butter and benefits

Types of Body Butter and Benefits

The body butter is a natural source of skin smoothing treatment which is long lasting hydration with natural and organic botanical. It helps treat, sooth, and

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beauty tips for sportspersons

Beauty Tips for Sportspersons

Do you consider yourself fit? Is your skin as healthy as your body?

Staying fit and healthy requires more efforts than you can imagine. Getting those

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truth behind beauty products

Truth Behind Beauty Products

Do you enjoy using beauty products? Do you know where these beauty products came from? There are so many questions to ask when buying a certain beauty

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skincare practises for brides

Skincare Practises for Brides | Photo Credit: unsplash

The big day is fast approaching. You’ve planned your wedding down to the very last detail such as flowers, food, music and favours. Now it’s time to put some focus on

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facial surgery services in miami

Facial Surgery Services in Miami

The attention that you give to your beauty routine when starting your day, which differs for all of us, easily sets the stage for your daily journey and how it will be. If you have sensitive skin like me, then it might take a little longer to set the

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