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10 foods to increase stamina

10 Foods to Increase Stamina

When we talk about stamina and endurance what are we really talking about? The two words are often used interchangeably. They both mean “staying power.” However, there is a slight difference between the

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healthy living weight control diet and tips

Healthy Living Diet Tips

It is essential to have a nutrition and balanced diet. Nutrition is very important for your body and it plays a vital role in proper functioning of our systems. Good nutrition always helps you to maintain a healthy body without body fat

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dieting tips on a budget

Dieting Tips on A Budget

Few of us fear from the word dieting, but some of us are habitual of it that living without this lifestyle seems impossible. When we see, look out for a diet plan and the recipes that may do us good while on dieting we notice the

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health benefits of Almonds for glowing skin

Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds for Skin

Mostly almonds are used for food purposes. Mixed with chocolate, it seems a tempting dessert. Almonds contain vitamin E which helps nourish your skin

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juice nutrition facts and information

Juice Nutrition Facts

Lately there has been several discussions about food processing most especially juice nutrition. Some have encouraged the act of fruit juicing as a healthy habit while others who support the idea still harbour some thought that

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