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Bored of the same ole’ workout routine that your body has eventually stopped responding to it too? Trying to shed off those extra inches but the body is too adamant to go beyond the plateau it just hit? Perhaps, it is time to switch

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Fat Burning Through Yoga Poses

The notion that yoga is only about mental health cannot be further from the truth. The closest misconception to that is exercise is just for weight loss. We’ve seen so many people scoffing at the idea of lean people working out. There is a fatal

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chair yoga poses

Simple Chair Yoga Poses Poses

Sedentary lifestyle, disability, excessive work pressure – whichever the reason is for not being attentive enough towards physical and mental well-being – there is no point in neglecting it any further. Get introduced to chair yoga and

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best exercises to get rid of belly fat fast

Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat Quickly

Regular exercise is definitely the Best Exercise to get rid of Belly Fat Fast, whether it is belly fat or pertaining to any other body part fat. Ask any specialist and a specific suggestion would be to exercise to get rid of belly fat. But that awareness

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For All Health Enthusiastic – Fat to Fit

When we talk about fitness, the only image gets framed in our mind is diet, tasteless food, tiring exercise in gym and treadmill. Is that fact? If you ask me, then a Big No. Let me help you understand this

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