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Category: Mental Stress

A new study from Oregon State University suggested the direct relationship between low vitamin D and depression in young women.

Depression is no doubt a common phenomenon that give arise to worst situation like fed up, sad, miserable and lots more. This depression symptoms can interfere your daily life resulting in more severe conditions. There are possibilities that you loose interest from your life and don’t enjoy anything. Though there are many reasons for depression, but researchers have found that lack of vitamin D level plays vital role in mental health and depression. It directly or indirectly acts on the areas of brain that is linked with depression.

A new study from the Oregon State University found that the cause of depression in young women is directly linked to the low level of vitamin D. They are likely to have clinically depressive symptoms.

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According to the new study findings, headache sometimes can only be the symptoms of brain tumors. CT scans and other neuroimaging tests have been proved effective in diagnosing the deadly disease in people with headache.

According to the researchers, minimal usage of CT scans and other neuroimaging tests for patients having headaches results in the delayed diagnosis of brain tumors. According to Dr Ammar H Hawasli and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, these guidelines are inconsistent with neurosurgeon’s experience with patients having brain tumor.  Major factor for reducing the usage of neuroimaging device for patients with incedible headaches is the usage of unnecessary and costly medical tests.Migraine is the type of headache that can be

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