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eye makeup tips for beginners

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

It is no shame to admit that I am a beginner. After all, we have experienced, do not know what brush, where to use eye shadow, let alone how to match. But don’t

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teeth protection tips

Teeth Protection Tips

Maintaining healthy gums and teeth throughout life not only keeps your smile beautiful, but it also helps in promoting oral wellness. It also reduces the risk of any

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corset belt for women

Corset Belt for Women

If you are like me, you have been trying to lose weight, and dream of shaping a delicate body. So I have to say, I haven’t fully achieved this goal yet – although I

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foods to stay healthy in winter

Foods to Stay Healthy in Winter

Unsurprisingly, winter time can cause a lot of people to get sick. The math behind this is simple: there are more germs, bacteria, and viruses during winter, and it’s

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treatment of cancer

Treatment of Cancer

When you learn that you or someone close to you has cancer, you want to make sure that you or they receive the best possible medical care and treatment. Choosing a

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