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university examination preparation

University Examination Preparation

Being at university can be very exciting and can be great fun. You meet new people, enjoy new experiences, and get to work toward a brighter future. However, you also

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data model meaning

Data Model Meaning

The Three-Schema Architecture and Framework Views

The ANSI three-schema architecture (that we have expanded here to four schemata) and John Zachman’s information architecture provide a good basis for

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digital marketing 2019

Digital Marketing 2019

Digital marketing has been changing very dynamically in recent years. Methods and tools tested so far are no longer a guarantee of effectiveness and bringing the

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conflict resolution techniques

Conflict Resolution Techniques

Our workplace is a place where ideas come together along with hard-working people, trying to make them a reality. Brainstorming, tight schedules and many

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credit card approval process

Credit Card Approval Process

In the late 1980s, a handful of elite people used credit cards. Back then, only a meagre number of merchant establishments accepted payments via these cards.

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