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evolution of indian e-commerce

Evolution of Indian E-Commerce

It is odd how things change. Once during the Summer of ’16, while gulping coffee with my friend Rishi, at a vibrant Koramangala cafe we discussed E-commerce in India and what the future holds for it. And slowly a typical industry

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E-Commerce Websites for Small Business Success

An e-commerce website, such as Phdify.com, is the perfect opportunity for a smaller company to really demonstrate one of its key strengths – its size. Good website planning is

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competitive pricing in retail

Retail – Industry Trends Analysis

When it comes to sales, retailers everywhere are struggling to compete with Amazon and Walmart. But if you think that lowering prices is the only way to deal with this issue, then

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Best E-commerce Platform

There are a number of choices available if businesses are considering selling their products using a website. Starting an E-commerce website is one of the quick and good options for businesses who want to start selling their products

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ecommerce in india

The year 2015 has probably been the most fascinating year for e commerce, but with the year 2015 almost reaching the mid of completion, still we are wandering how far the e commerce industry would take a leap ahead. With the digital population all set to rock the India’s economy, it has become the vital

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