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Today’s business world is changing rapidly, and that means the business professionals also need to adapt to it. Employers now look for employees who not only have academic qualifications but real-world experience as well. Which is why many esteemed institutions provide industrial training to their students with business management degrees. In college, you are provided with the option of learning essential business management skills but also on how to implement them in the real world. However, there are some other competencies that you need to develop to adapt, distinguish and thrive in the corporate world. Read on the article to […]

Tones and tones of homework, that is every child’s nightmare when it comes to school. But in the long run, it is the one thing that brings together students, teachers and parents alike. What we ought to understand about this is how much is too much? Are we crossing boundaries with our children in the name of helping? Many people have their opinions about this matter. It all calls for the understanding of what the allocation of homework really stands for. Let’s break it down, shall we? Why homework? Most of the students don’t understand why homework has to be […]

Change is the only constant – too clichéd? But, that does not take away the validity of the statement. While the overarching challenges the CHRO faces will remain the same over time, the game changer today are the incremental challenges that can very well write the success or not-so-successful story. So, the recruitment, attrition and employee communication remains there as a challenge as they were when you started out a career in HR. The incremental challenges are how to address recruitment v/s candidate experience, attrition v/s engagement and employee communication v/s employee experience evolution as technology spreads its blanket everywhere. […]

The first attempt of the JEE Main 2019 is currently underway. It started from January 8, 2019, and will go on to January 12, 2019. In case you have appeared or will be appearing for the exam during this period, then you might be eagerly awaiting the results. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step process to check your JEE Main result. Some important information about JEE Main Result 2019 The National Testing Agency (NTA) releases the JEE Main Answer Keys and also Recorded Responses for both Papers I and II after the conclusion of the exam. The […]

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Whether you’re from a rich or a poor family, the truth of the matter is you’ll need money for a number of things. But you don’t have to be rich in surviving college. Check out these 8 tips and tricks that can help you save some money and use them for more important stuff. 1. Commute or Ride a Bike One of the downsides of having your own car is that you need to constantly shell out money for gas, oil and maintenance. It might seem like a smart idea to have your own vehicle […]

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