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Paperless or digital transactions are the future of the modern economy. Such transactions come with a host of benefits over other documentation-centric alternatives. Most financial institutions offer a paperless personal loan, a completely online exchange between a borrower and lender. It allows you to access the necessary funds with just a few clicks without the hassle of extensive documentation process which typically involves excessive paperwork. A paperless loan is a transaction between two parties via a digital lending platform. The application and approval process does not require any physical intermediary. All communication between the lender and borrower happens online, making […]

Caveat loans are for the business owners looking for the immediate funds, and they can use such loan amounts to repay their debts or expand their business. On the contrary, it is a type of loan that gets approval within 24 hours against collaterals like business units, commercial property, house, land block, or other such assets. Caveat loans are the short term loans for businesses and you need to pay extra rate of interest for such loan. This is a secured loan where you need to mortgage your property or assets to the lenders, but lenders cannot able to sell […]

In the late 1980s, a handful of elite people used credit cards. Back then, only a meagre number of merchant establishments accepted payments via these cards. However, the transaction trends have changed with the gradual advancement of India’s economy and digitalisation. Credit cards started gaining acceptance from the mass due to the combined efforts of financial institutions and the merchants. And, this is how India now has 37.78 Million operational credit cards as of 2018. Today, credit cards have become a vital part of every people’s financial habit. The benefit-driven features and faster approval make it convenient in comparison to […]

There is nothing impossible when it comes to expanding one’s business and a small business does not always remain so. Most of the famous businessmen in the world had probably just started out in their garage with very little savings but they have gone on to accomplish great things because of their vision. It is said that certain practices have to be meticulously followed if a small business is to expect steady returns and money should never get in the way of accomplishing these tasks. A business loan can always be acquired from the leading banks and NBFCs like Bajaj […]

If you are approaching retirement age, selecting the safest investment option can be confusing, especially since there are multiple options available on the market, such as provident funds, fixed deposits, national pension schemes, and others. However, by understanding each instrument and learning how it works, you can decide which investment route you want to take in order to add value to your retirement corpus. Before learning the difference between PPF, EPF, VPF, and FD, you must know what they are. What is a fixed deposit (FD)? You can open a fixed deposit Account to put away a certain amount of […]

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