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UX/UI Design is one of the sought-after careers, especially for the new young generation professionals who are technology freaks and have a creative bent of mind. UX/UI jobs are in great demand in India. Such a kind of job is not limited to design aspects only. It includes multiple skills, which can be technical as well as non-technical. UX/UI designer jobs are very challenging too. Difference between UX design and UI design jobs UX means to User Experience while UI means to User Interface. Both UX and UI are important for a product designing and work closely together. However, the […]

Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat is slowly becoming an upcoming start-up hub, with the growing wave of start-ups in the country. It is believed that entrepreneurship is in the genes of every Gujarati. The city is not only a known textile center, but also an industrial city, along with becoming an important IT destination. Most young professionals are giving up their traditional jobs in these sectors and moving towards setting up their own business, be it in terms of offering services or products. In recent time, the start-up wave is taking the city in a booming wave, paving the […]

Bengaluru or Bangalore is one of the country’s leading cities in providing ample job opportunities in various industry domains. A recent research from a leading job portal reports that Bangalore offers 22% jobs in the IT sector as compared to 11% in Delhi NCR and 10% in Pune in the same sector. Bangalore’s economy is growing at a rapid pace, contributing 87% of revenue to the state and contributing a major share to Indian economy as a whole. Which sectors provide jobs in Bangalore? Let us find out below the major sectors which are contributing to the growth of the […]

Freelance writing can be a lucrative career. In today’s digital world, practically everyone needs written content. Businesses use written content for a myriad of purposes; website text, blogs, social media posts and email campaigns for example. If you can get your name out there, and build your reputation, you can easily obtain a consistent stream of writing work. Many people have made a career from this job and thrive from the opportunities freelance writing provides. If you are starting out in the world of freelance writing, we have provided a comprehensive guide and tips – enjoy and good luck! Where […]

With the impact of expanded request in Data Entry Operator occupations, numerous applicants like to depend on this as low maintenance vocation choice. This is one of the generously compensated employments. A competitor can do it in low maintenance and full-time according to the adaptability of their opportunity. In this activity, one needs to keep up the information of the association. Now and again an additional work of messaging, voice process is likewise performed by the competitors. Singapore, the city known for offering some of the coolest job opportunities to the job seekers, is it in terms of permanent position […]

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