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business loan in india

Photo Credit: CashSuvidha(dot)com

Celebrated for its limited ongoing formalities, a sole proprietorship business is advantageous in many ways. If a person independently owns a business and handles the operation, it is regarded as a proprietorship firm. This type of

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Uber Accused of Devastating a Marriage


Technology is one thing which has got us smitten by its mere existence and most of the people are almost addicted to it. The gadgets have become the second closest thing to them, apart from their family and friends. Now, most of them spend

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8 reasons why startup fails

8 Reasons Why Startup Fails

Do you think it is easy for your startup to join Unicorn Club? Think twice. Startup companies create new markets, interrupt the traditional way of business, gets money from venture capital firms, throw launch parties and have the

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Your Loan Application can be rejected even if you have 750+ CIBIL Credit Score

Are you upset that your CIBIL credit score is high still your loan application has been rejected? You are not alone, there are many like you who has CIBIL credit score of 750+ and still the loan application is rejected. Though the fact is that with High CIBIL score, you have better chances of getting

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Though news reading is getting more and more online with every passing day, nothing can replace the warmth supplied by a conventional newspaper. The day appears boring, if one forgets to read the paper with his daily cup of tea. Yes, reading newspapers is a special experience in itself.To make your journey with your daily paper ever more enticing, we have prepared the  list for the top 10 newspapers for the current year. Here it goes.

  • Dainik Jagran– With a readership of more than 17 million, this paper is earning a top slot every time. Great work, team Jagran!

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