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magento 2 migration checklist

Magento 2 Migration Checklist

There has been a rumor that Magento will soon stop supporting Magento 1. And this has led to an increased demand for Magento 2 migration. Since it is one of the

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machine learning guidelines

Machine Learning Guidelines

Artificial intelligence is the new trend and there is no business that has not thought about incorporating artificial intelligence into the organization for the betterment

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integrity in network security

Integrity in Network Security

Cloud computing is an internet based computing system which provides shared computer processing resources and stores information to computers and various

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role of mobile app in startup

Role of Mobile App in Startup

The urge for businesses to connect and engage with their clients is growing more than ever today. And why it should not be? Such connections facilitate business

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data model meaning

Data Model Meaning

The Three-Schema Architecture and Framework Views

The ANSI three-schema architecture (that we have expanded here to four schemata) and John Zachman’s information architecture provide a good basis for

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