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role of mobile application

Role of Mobile Application

Mobile Application development has become an inevitable part of today’s business trend. Most of the online booking companies, e-commerce companies, Fitness and travel industry all are heading towards interactive marketing with their

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salesforce community portal

Salesforce Community Portal

Looking for some salesforce solution for your business, but no idea to whom contact for. In this way, Salesforce community is the only answer for you. If you go online, you will see many salesforce communities active these days. But, you need

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lighting control sensors and switches

Lighting Control Sensors and Switches

A smart home is nowadays one of the most talked about topics. When it comes to a smart home, the house will do everything for us right from unlocking the door to switching on the light automatically. However, you always have

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web development services in india

Web Development Services in India

Serving the needs of your customers is the prime focus of all business websites. And it is at the same time very important to consider the journey that your potential customers will take with your brand through the various stages of the

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role of ai chatbots in industries

Role of AI Chatbots in Industries with Examples

A chat bot or chatbot is a machine which has a communication with human beings through audio or text. An AI powered chatbot is a stronger version which uses machine learning, ML and NLP that is natural language processing

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