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The urge for businesses to connect and engage with their clients is growing more than ever today. And why it should not be? Such connections facilitate business growth and additionally strengths the brand value. In today’s scenario, mobile apps are not just merely apps rather solutions to business problems. It takes considerable efforts and a well-planned strategy to gain the desired ROI on the investments. Therefore, a unique approach with an innovative effort could bring the desired result and the prerequisite lies in having a mobile application for the business. Startups could tap right into the opportunity by having a […]

The Three-Schema Architecture and Framework Views The ANSI three-schema architecture (that we have expanded here to four schemata) and John Zachman’s information architecture provide a good basis for understanding the nature of data models. The ANSI architecture describes the external schema that represents the way a business owner views a business. Data models of this view tend to consist of terms for concrete things actually seen and manipulated by the business people. (This is the “business owner’s view” in John Zachman’s Architecture Framework.) The most important thing to capture in representing this view is the vocabulary. The conceptual schema represents […]

Those who are in touch with websites and related content management are aware of the importance of WordPress within the scenario of content development and management. As a popular common platform, exclusively for content management, WordPress sustains its domination among other common web based platforms. Still there are several factors affecting the content management system’s longevity. Some of the factors are pointed out and discussed below. #. Sluggish loading time When a customer visits a website, he or she expects to get the website fully loaded within one or two seconds. If the website does not get loaded within the […]

Are you ready to read this article and you very well know what I am going to discuss? At this time education and other themes are the very important part for your WordPress LMS. The most important consideration when choosing the theme for an e-learning site is how it will deliver your content most effectively to your student. That is of superior importance. So your prey for the theme should start with your student in mind. But when you dig deep in your search, then there should be some things to know about. Today, I want to outline the most […]

As an Indian citizen, you’re probably well aware of how important an Aadhar card is. Without an Aadhar card, you will not be able to get basic things done like get a new mobile connection, open a new bank account and so on. Every single citizen of the country needs to have an Aadhar card under any circumstances. If you haven’t already applied for and received yours, it is about time that you did. Irrespective of age, gender, caste or religion, every Indian citizen is eligible to apply for an Aadhar card. The Aadhar card cannot be applied on the […]

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