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Marketing is a science in its own right. There has been ample written about this domain into the different textbooks and guides of the management domain. However with the emergence of technology experts in trade and business have understood the fact that the internet will play a great role in the global commercial scenario. The internet facilitated online shopping platforms have revolutionized the scenario all the more. These days a large number of buyers in the global scenario are more comfortable to make their shopping through different online shopping portals. Additionally, it has been observed that the brands that have […]

Online Reputation Management or ORM is an attempt to garner public perception of a person or an organization by penetrating online, relevant information about that brand. In today’s digital world, the definition of business is changing to online. We are living in a global world where we make purchases anytime and from anywhere. Today, having a physical business space is not required, so the brand reputation too has transferred online. Before buying a product or service, when someone searches for your brand name or product/service, the kind of content or feedback, which prospect sees will matter in deciding the kind […]

Want to optimize your site for the local audience? You may want to conquer the global audience through your powerful website but thanks to the increased Smartphone usage local SEO has become a necessity for every website owner. It can help you connect with a large local audience who cannot only find you online but offline as well in real life. To get better in the local SEO game here are 9 types of content that you can create. 1. Maintain your Blog Your blog can make a big deal if you are looking forward to improving your ranking in […]

Bounce rate is amongst those quality metrics that get tossed around a lot in the search engine space. There are people who always talk about it and give suggestions to reduce or improve the bounce rate of the websites. However, the truth is that there is no magic wind that can reduce the bounce rate of your website instantly. You need to be looked it subjectively. While there are few general best practices to reduce the bounce rate of the website, there are many prescribed practices that can both hurt and help the performance of the websites. One thing you […]

Digital marketing has been changing very dynamically in recent years. Methods and tools tested so far are no longer a guarantee of effectiveness and bringing the company to further successes. So let’s see how technology will change digital marketing in 2019, written by our friends over at Userful, who are experts in in-person digital marketing. 1. Technology that imitates the voice of real people Lyrebird is a system that allows you to create a digital voice from a small sample of recording. This will allow you to offer your customers a more humane and friendly experience. Imagine that we interact […]

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