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digital marketing 2019

Digital Marketing 2019

Digital marketing has been changing very dynamically in recent years. Methods and tools tested so far are no longer a guarantee of effectiveness and bringing the

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social media proof

Social Media Proof

Modern-age marketing is more about customers than the brand itself. The perspectives of your customers matter the most when you are trying to build a

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content marketing

Content Marketing

The content is king! And we are all mere subjects.

Well, that’s not technically right, but does talk loudly about the power of content.

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industries for technical writers

Industries for Technical Writers

So what all are the industries which employs technical writers? Well there are plenty of them and they do pay well to their skilled employees. The demand for

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5 tips for digital marketing

5 Tips for Digital Marketing

With the advancement of technology, digital marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses that provide both products and services. In fact, SEO (search engine

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