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mother of the bride dresses in india

Mother Bride Dresses

Marriage ceremonies are those get-together events in which you show off your fairy style. The guests are also interested to see how bride and groom flaunt their dresses. This generally is not confined to the bride and groom, their

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winter to spring wardrobe transition

Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transition

As excited as we all are at the prospect of finally getting some Vitamin D, everyone hates that awkward in-between period when deciding what to wear. You leave the house in the morning, cosy in your jumper, but by midday you’re

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Internet Safety and Gadget Addiction

Internet Safety and Gadget Addiction

I have come to realize that it is easier to wake up my five year old for school early morning (and you know how arduous that can be!) than to take the phone away from him. The ‘five more minutes’ plea is far easier to duck and

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ways to reinvent yourself

Reinvent Yourself

Acclaimed Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise was forced to reinvent himself when he ventured into the field of acting. Cruise was natural on stage, but had a reading disability that prevented him from learning his lines. That was a big

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top 9 inspirational success stories

Most Companies Worldwide Were Founded by College Students | Source: pexels(dot)com

What must you have to launch your startup? Money? A large office? The most important thing is to believe in yourself, even if you encounter roadblocks. That is how most companies we hear about now came to be. Most of the companies

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