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8 immortals of india

Eight Immortals of India

Widely hailed as one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, Indian culture is a rich amalgamation of stories, myths and legends.

Every Indian kid will relate to being blessed by elders in the family with a blessing – “Jug Jug Jiyo!” or “Chiranjeevi Bhava”. Chiranjeevi = Chiram (Long) + Jeevi (lived), thus Chiranjeevi Bhava

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happy diwali 2017

Happy Diwali 2017

Part I – Putting Out The Lights

Lakshmi crinkled her eyes in a bewildered manner as the factory manager hollered out the same instructions twice.

“Get lost, all of you. No more crackers needed”

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Prevent Risks of Infection by Using Medical Disposable

Prevent Risks of Infection by Using Medical Disposable

Infection cases are quite common across the world and they claim lots of lives each year. In fact, one fourth of those belong to surgical site infections which indicate the need to find ways to save innocent lives. Medical disposable supplies are

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gitex technology week exhibition 2017

GITEX Week 2017 | Dubai

Being an annual consumer computer and electronics exhibition, GITEX has been attracting tech pioneers and visionaries from all over the world since years. As a dynamic innovation podium for GITEX, UAE has always been

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Background Scriptures: Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 31:12-18; Isaiah 56:1-8

The observation of the seventh day of the week, enjoined upon Israel, was a ‘sign’ between God and his earthly people, based upon the fact that after six days of creating the world He rested. The effect upon current opinion

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