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Category: Poetry Zone

The New Age Nursery Rhyme

The New Age Nursery Rhyme

How many pennies do you think it takes to win a rapid fire round?
Or sniff around and stay in position as the perfect blood hound?
Or rev up a thousand mighty horses

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Begin - Poem of The Week

“BEGIN” – Poem of The Week

Forget your worries,
Worry not of sin,
Each moment is –

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the unsaid word that still remain

The Unsaid Word That Still Remain

A hard look and a smile
Enough to beguile?
Or has it just been a long while

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When Everything Appears To Be Just Going Into Complete Darknes

For a very long time I underwent through,
A pain that was very true.
Just hiding it was not helping,
Because somewhere inside I was terribly sulking…

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