1. Anuj Gupta

Wow, really thankful for checking Our Team page. I’m a Digital Marketing Professional with adept background in IT. I have completed my B.Tech in CSE and have experience in Digital Marketing. The blog is the outcome of the talent with an amalgamation of Content, Digital Marketing and IT. A major collaboration of all three great ideas resulted the birth of www.InspiringMeMe.com – A platform created to share ideas and stories that would highly appreciated. We are really happy to say that our effort is being liked by most of you.

My dream was to work for my own blog and yeah, I see my dream getting fulfilled. I always love to socialize with people who love and care and live their life in their own way. That’s why I remain posting the blogs so that the information could reach to the readers in the perfect time without getting late. I perform what I have learnt till date and create various tips and tricks in order to make the site more compelling.

Just to be upfront, I always explore several new ideas and obviously couldn’t start or manage all on my own. Yes, I have awesome people working with me along the way and of course your love and effort that you take out in order to visit my blog.

2. Rana Rashid

I am a writer and an enthusiast of writing interesting and appealing content – either be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, industry trends or any form of media buzz. I have completed my MSc in Biotechnology and have experience in writing content in multiple sectors. If you are eager to read any medical related article, you are most welcome on Inspiring MeMe to suggest us a topic and we will come out with an appealing content just for you.

Once upon a time while we were sitting and gossiping on the latest news happening day to day, and suddenly an idea hit to our mind that why not we should take a leap towards creating a platform where all types of information and news be clubbed under one roof. This gave the birth of Inspiring MeMe.

I chose to write about the thing I like the most, the things I read on various websites and the topics I always remain searching online. Before, I had only a small following of people that really enjoyed reading what I used to write, and no doubt, this was really amazing in itself.

Months passed and the following grew and now I have expanded my blog posts with more varied topics covering healthcare, media buzz, sports and industry trendz.

Thank You to everyone who really take out their times to read my blog and have shown such an interest in the things that I say. I will continue to write as long as you want to read them. I’ve till date I have managed to help at least handful of you in any area you needed and will be continuing to do same.

If you really want to reward us for our effort, we’d like to hear from you. Simply leave your opinions/suggestions/feedback on our site and we’ll take them into consideration.

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