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Who doesn’t dream about becoming the Thomas Edison of their age? Changing the world and altering lives is the goal of any inventor.

As attractive as becoming a full-time inventor can be, it’s a long, difficult road. The majority of inventors will never turn their passions into anything more than a hobby.

Competition is tough, with more than three million patents filed worldwide on average every year. So, how do you go about cutting through the noise and try to become a full-time inventor?

1. Find a Mentor

There are not very many courses you can take to become a professional inventor. It’s a notoriously difficult industry to break into full-time. There are plenty of books you can read and publications you can subscribe to, but nothing beats finding a mentor who has already gone through the process.

Join online inventing groups and start networking. Find someone who will be willing to mentor you throughout your journey.

2. Focus on One or Two Industries

It’s easy as an inventor to try to solve all of the world’s problems at once. But, every industry is different. The inventor Kia Silverbrook may have filed 4,747 patents across 3D printing, nanotechnology, and DNA analysis, but it’s not the right path for everyone.

Some successful inventors focus on one or two industries, make their mark, and then branch out into other fields.

The more you know about an industry the more opportunities you’ll uncover for innovation.

3. Join a Startup

Inventing isn’t something that happens without a commitment to learning. Joining a startup and understanding how the business works will allow you to learn more than you ever could sitting in your garage all day.

Understanding the industry is critical for coming up with new ideas that actually work. Joining a startup is essentially getting paid to learn. It’s also a great option for networking with creative minds.

4. Persistence is Key

Serial inventors may have thousands of patents to their names, but it doesn’t mean every single one of them was a winner. Many of those patents died after filing and never saw the light of day.

Full-time inventors understand that persistence is key. Hoping to hit that one-time winner is what keeps people going, but it’s far from a realistic plan.

Be persistent and carry-on inventing.

5. Develop a Thick Skin

The reaction to many creations is not always positive.

Inventors can’t treat every creation like a favorite son. For your state of mind and desire to continue, you have to develop a thick skin. Most people are going to slam the door in your face with every new pitch.


Becoming a professional inventor is all about being curious, committing to learning new things, and developing the persistence to stay in the game for the long haul.

To find out more about trying to make your dreams a reality, take a look at Davison Inventions reviews. You’ll learn about the world of inventing and what you need to take that step into potentially being a full-time inventor.

What are you doing to improve as an inventor?

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