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What is perpendicular bisector? How does an archaeologist assess the size of a surface if there is only one piece of it? How does a landscaper assess the placement of sprinklers for the most efficient use of water? It points out that in each of these concerns a single line, named the perpendicular bisector, can be very important. The line segment AB perpendicular bisector is […]

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If you incorporate spiritual practices like meditation into your life, you’ve probably heard of group meditations. That’s when a group of people comes together to meditate. This activity has even been the subject of research studies over the years. What would happen if a group of people wanted to bring that same sense of mass consciousness to doing yoga online? You’ll get Glo, a way […]

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The Future of Work could actually be a popular pop-culture phrase right now, what with the endless debates, discussions and brouhaha about how human beings will ultimately adapt to a social distancing scenario and start working more from home. How will modern workplaces adapt? How will the ongoing and devastating COVID-19 pandemic change the way we work in the future? There are several other issues […]

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The COVID-19 or coronavirus disease is an infectious ailment that is being caused by a whole new virus and this disease also bears respiratory illnesses like flu with several symptoms like cough, fever and even breathing difficulties in severe scenarios. You can safeguard your own health by frequently washing your hands, avoiding touching your own face and also avoiding close contact (distance of at least […]

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Yes, bloggers can be rich too! Don’t wink if we tell you authors publish over 2 million blog posts in a day and make a hefty amount. This list of Top 10 Successful and Richest Bloggers in the World for the Year 2019 will shock you to the core. The money they make and the efforts they put in, make them the top bloggers across […]

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