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Being concerned about your skin means varied things to varied people. Our appearance is peculiar eventually. It’s favourable to start giving care to what you are applying on your face. Generally, we aspire consuming variant cosmetics and beauty creams to accumulate and nurture a radiant complexion. But they are not of much value or one can affirm some cosmetics that are actual loss of money. There are some undoubtedly harmful things in the makeup commodities you use every day. Women are said to be beauty cognisant most importantly when they suspire for beautiful skin. It’s a strong fondness of every […]

Everybody’s talking about coronavirus and naturally so, since it is becoming a major epidemic across the globe. The coronavirus was first detected in China last month and continues spreading its dangerous tentacles worldwide. It has killed many people and sickened countless more individuals. Several patients have been affected in Thailand, Japan and Taiwan apart from China and even in the United States of America. WHO (World Health Organization) officials have stated till now that the outbreak of the coronavirus has not yet touched the level of any global health emergency. However, the director-general at the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has […]

A college student’s life is always full of writing assignments – that is the reality. Many students find that mastering writing is a hard task and end up procrastinating until the deadline is days away. If you are one of these students, there are few tools online that you can use to boost your productivity. And the best part of all is that they are all free. So the next time you try to do your assignment, consider giving these tools a try. 1. Google Docs Google Docs is an online word processor that you can use in almost every […]

Indeed, Chennai wears its grandeur and rich history on its sleeve in a manner of speaking! Tourists prefer Chennai for the multitude of attractions that the city possesses along with an indelible charm of its own. If you are in Chennai, you will love visiting the Marina Beach which is the country’s longest beach and this will prove to be a hugely relaxing activity. You can also visit Elliot’s Beach or Besant Nagar Beach which is home to the Schmidt Memorial landmark as well. Other popular beaches include the Breezy Beach and VGP Golden Nagar Beach. Chennai is also home […]

The identification of a certain microorganism is extremely crucial to tell if there is a certain medication or treatment required to eradicate that disease in the human body. Medical science has been using a variety of techniques combining the aspects of engineering and CT scan is one of the prime examples of that. It stands for computerized tomography which involves passing of X-rays through the different parts of your bodies. The resultant is output on the screen of the pictures of your bones and tissues within the concerned area. It differs from X-ray scans as it takes multiple images from […]

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