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There are many people that would love to earn some extra cash on a regular basis. This could help to make finances stretch further or enable you to save toward something special. However, if you already work full time, study full time, or have family commitments, how can you earn extra cash? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple – by turning to internet technology. This technology has changed our lives for the better in many ways, and one of the things it enables you to do is set up your own business venture to make some extra cash. You […]

Employee State Insurance is a social security labour legislation aiming at labour welfare. It is a self-financing scheme in which both the employer and the employee together contribute. It provides medical as well as financial assistance to the employees at the time of need. It covers sickness benefits, maternity benefits, disability benefits and has provisions for related matters. It is a statutory legal responsibility on the employer failure of which is an offence under Section 406 of the Indian Penal Code. It is important for the employers to timely collect the ESI Registration documents and register their establishment. Registration Criteria […]

In an easy-breezy language, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is created and managed through encryption techniques. Cryptocurrencies are widely embraced in the businesses as these are the systems that allow for the secure payments of online transactions. Here are a few benefits of Cryptocurrency that you would be interested to know! Fraud There is no fear of fraud as the cryptocurrency network is fully encrypted where every action is documented. Therefore, cryptocurrencies cannot be reversed, backtracked and counterfeited. Moreover, each user has special codes which stop their information from being accessed by other users. This is unlike credit […]

Life insurance refers to a type of insurance that is taken to ensure a person’s dependants (beneficiaries) in the event of that person’s death. This is done by signing a contract that allows the person to make regular payments to the insurance company during their lifetime. Upon the person’s death, the insurance company pays a sum of money to the listed beneficiaries. Payments can be made yearly, every quarter, or every month, depending on what the contract states. The person taking the insurance is referred to as the policyholder. A policyholder can choose between different types of life insurance. Types […]

If you’re ever feeling unwell, and your emotional or physical health has been affected by things happening in your everyday life, writing could really offer you a way to deal with your emotions and thoughts. Writing can provide you with a healthy way to let out your emotions and help you understand how to better express how you feel. While writing won’t be able to replace the significance of a therapist, it can help you feel more comfortable with letting your thoughts out. In a way, it can prepare you to take the first few steps in order to come […]

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