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Malls, no matter how big and beautiful is, seem boring after couple of dates. For others, who has been to movies, India Gates and Old Fort, it seems that one has exhausted the possibilities of fresh venues for the lovely dates. But, may be you aren’t aware that Delhi has so many places that two people can do much more than dating. Here is the walk through of both obvious and not-so-obvious places that could offer refreshing ambience for the couples. Fio and Magique, Garden of Five Senses If a walk through the path and twisting through the garden is […]

This is a letter intended for all those who feels that they have got stuck in life and seems to be hopeless. Especially for that person who doesn’t believe if their life would get better. That person who has been trying hard so long to bring changes, but, hasn’t been able to… If that’s you, you’re not alone and this letter I’m writing for you! To My Friend, I know things have been actually tough. Everyday appears to be the same and you, feeling helpless want to screech from top of your lungs, because life sucks. Everyday you just feel […]

Unsure about how to retain the gorgeousness of your bouquet last longer? Receiving a flower bouquet is always a happy concern. But, as much as you want to keep them forever, flowers will start wilting shortly after you have received them if they are not properly cared for. So, you just had your flowers delivered to you, now what? Keep fresh flowers away from excessive temperature, which can quickly dry out the flowers and can cause wilting. If your flowers have arrived in plastic, remove them as soon as possible. Make sure not to place the arrangement near fruit or […]

With the festival of Raksha Bandhan around the corner, it is time to honor and celebrate sibling relationship. While, I have been telling my daughter stories about why we celebrate Rakhi, on our way to nani’s house, she asked me, mom, Rakhi is for brothers and sisters, and I don’t have brother. So, how will I celebrate it? She repeated, Mom, even you don’t have brothers, how would you celebrate Rakhi? I was astonished hearing her as how wrong I was teaching her the message of Raksha Bandhan. All these years, the complete emphasis was only on brothers protect sisters, […]

“Freedom is the oxygen of soul and the secret of freedom is Courage…” I was a chunky shy little girl who was attached to my mom’s leg. She was my savior and served as a source of an unconditional love. As Soon as I left my mom’s shelter and went off to school, I stumble upon several new faces that introduced me to judgment and criticism. However, to be judged by your physical attributes as an adult, especially in the society that constantly endeavors for physical perfection is really tough. But, considering those judgments as a little girl can be […]

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