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1. Free Posts Scheduling

  • Articles will be schedule on “First Come First Schedule” basis.
  • Free submissions will be live on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • Post scheduling will be done as per our calendar i.e. on available free slots.

2. Write an Informative Article

  • Content must be 100% Unique (Plagiarism Free) and Grammatical Error Free.
  • Don’t create copies of shared article.
  • Content shouldn’t be published on any website earlier.
  • Content must have Minimum 500 words.
  • Don’t start your article by using “How To …” because we don’t publish these articles e.g. How to build a website in AngularJS?

3. Author Bio Section with a NOFOLLOW link

  • Author bio will be displayed at bottom of your article.
  • Author can insert a single anchor text with hyperlink.
  • Mandatory to share Author Name & Author City so that we will list you down on our contributors’ page.
  • Author can share their image if they like to add in their author bio section.

4. Author’s Social Profile Links – NEW FEATURE

Authors  can share their social profile links to mention on our contributors page. e.g. Instagram, LinkedIn,  Facebook and Twitter.

5. Promotional Links

In Free Submissions, we don’t allow user to insert links in body section.

6. Other Required Items

  • Mandatory to share a relevant banner image [Size Max 110 KB, Without Watermark].
  • For SEO perspective, you can share your focus keywords.
  • Select your post category in which you want to publish your guest post.

7. Content Removal Requests

Once an article has been published, then we don’t entertain any content removal requests.

8. More Queries

For more queries and frequently asked question, please check out our FAQ.

9. Contact US

For more general queries and concerns, feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.


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