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Look at any statistics, and you’ll see that low-carb diets are on the rise in terms of popularity. The most popular is the ketogenic type and the benefits of keto diet with the best keto supplements have been researched widely. One of the reasons it has become so popular is that you can gorge on a lot of fat. It sounds like a dream come […]

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#DidYouKnow the deadly Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can cause several diseases like cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East respiratory syndrome in humans? This new type of COVID-19 virus has infected millions & killed several all over the world. We bring to you the top safety measures to stay protected from this lethal virus. Read here now: What Is COVID-19? COVID-19 […]

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Spine Surgery? Yes, you’ve heard it right! Back pain is often the most annoying part of the days when it becomes severe. What’s even more troublesome is when pain in the back runs down to the lower limbs, aah, that hurts! Some of the causes can be herniation/protrusion of the spinal cord, narrowing of the gap between the spine or the presence of tumours that […]

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Are you sure that back pain is only experienced by the elderly? Many people in mature age or even children who have to deal with back pain. How is that? The causes vary, from injuries to incorrect movements. Well, here are some things that can cause back pain to cause a variety of symptoms, especially Sciatica pain. At least back pain is experienced by many […]

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When fitness fanatics first discovered high-intensity interval training – aka HIIT – it had felt like they had unearthed the holy grail of workouts. HIIT is involving short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. It’s the highest fat-burning and muscle-building exercise you can do in the shortest period of time, so it’s the ideal workout for those that have busy schedules and […]

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