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Category: Beauty Tips(Page 2 of 5)

It is no shame to admit that I am a beginner. After all, we have experienced, do not know what brush, where to use eye shadow, let alone how to match. But don’t worry. I’ll teach you some ways today. Step 1 First of all, start with the bottom makeup. The bottom makeup helps to create a smooth surface for eye makeup. With good makeup, you can use eye shadow. The bottom makeup can help the eye shadow better stick to the skin. If you don’t have a bottoming makeup, Concealer or foundation will do. Step 2 Use the basic […]

Ever wondered as to why be some luxury fragrances so mighty expensive? In the world of perfumes, you can find the price of even a tiny bottle shooting upwards of $200 as well. That is quite a lot of money to pay for a fragrance which isn’t even likely to stay for 12 hours. Yet, there are several buyers for it! At the same time, you can also find perfumes which aren’t this costly, and their scent too lingers for long. So, what essentially makes some of the fragrance so extremely expensive? Let us dig out the details. The ingredients: […]

Women love to pamper themselves. In fact, every woman has got a ‘must-have’ Sunday pampering treatment that she tends to do. For some this might be painting toenails, getting a facial, or doing at home waxing. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful; therefore these steps are crucial since they empower women and make them feel like million bucks! However, every once in a while you should exceed your budget and look for a solution outside the house. Getting a professional massage, professional hair colouring, or even a tanning session on a weekly basis can be fun. If you can […]

A glowing skin is a sign of beauty and elegance. It is also a symbol of balanced mental and physical health. And so, the ancient medicinal system of Ayurveda has blessed us with special tips and techniques for our skin to radiate and glow from within. Discover the most effective Ayurvedic Beauty tips for glowing skin here: Go Vedic According to the Skin Constitution Ayurveda stresses on designing the lifestyle habits according to the specific humor (Dosha or Constitution) of the body. Each and every tip circulates around this fact and its inference. Hence, test your skin for knowing its […]

The body butter is a natural source of skin smoothing treatment which is long lasting hydration with natural and organic botanical. It helps treat, sooth, and repair dry skin. It heals the body from inside out as it plunges deep into the body and repairs the damages. Here is the list of different types of body butter which are beneficial for the skin: 1. Coconut Body Butter: The coconut body butter is made up of Island coconut which is light and soothing with Shea and Mango butter, kukui and coconut oils, and healing noni. IT is fresh and creamy with […]

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