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Nutrition is a very important factor of your health. If you are exposing your body to an unhealthy diet then you risk damaging your metabolism, can make you gain or lose weight, among many other factors. Your food intake also might have far reaching consequences on your skin. Scientist have revealed through research that your meals or diet significantly affect your skin. If you are so focused on keeping your skin in the best shape and condition, then the tips below should guide you on the best foods you can take to achieve your desired condition for your skin. Here […]

If you, like many people, are trying to eat a healthier diet, eating out with friends and family can offer challenges. But with a bit of planning and discipline, you can enjoy a meal at restaurant without an overload of calories, sugar and fat. Here are five strategies that will make eating out and enjoyable and healthy experience. Try Salads Get into the habit of ordering a salad for lunch instead of a burger and fries. Many diners expect salads to be bland or boring, but as salads become a more popular option, restaurants are making their salads more flavorful […]

You may be consuming a lot of ultra-processed and high oily foods – few of the major reasons to have gained a lot of weight. Not to forget about the sugary beverages that’s adding more pounds to your body every day. But when you have already decided to get rid of that tough fat from your body, you definitely need to take a look at your eating habits first. Your obesity can single-handedly be taken care of by altering eating habits. In fact, simple dietary changes can play an essential role in melting fat. While no single food can melt […]

There are tons of choices available in terms of our daily diets, i.e. the food items that we consume each day of our lives. We are lucky to have easy access to almost all kinds of food from the local markets, shops, grocery stores, supermarkets and even from Hyperlocal online delivery players who are steadily redefining the way we buy our daily essentials. From organic food and exotic items to lean meats and imported fruits, there is nothing that we cannot find these days. However, there are a few specific food items that work excellently when it comes to revving […]

Inflammation (swelling) is a natural process that helps your body heal and fight injury and infection. When the body recognizes foreign objects such as microbes and plant pollen, the immune system responds by triggering inflammation to get rid of the foreign bodies. However, inflammation doesn’t just happen in response to injury or illness. According to James Gray, MD, a cardiologist at Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, when you have too much stress, do not eat right or fail to get enough exercise, the body responds by triggering inflammation. When inflammation becomes chronic, it becomes harmful and increases your risks of […]

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