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Sometimes, we encounter some people –especially kids- who suffer from egg allergies. It makes us wonder how can it be possible? Especially while taking into account all the advantageous nutrients that are present within the eggs. What are the causes of egg allergies? An egg allergy happens when the immune system cannot bear certain egg proteins. Instead of consuming these nutrients, the immune system delivers […]

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Presented with a different texture than the fresh white eggs, packaged egg whites are used differently. But as they gather the same properties and specially the same nutrients as the egg whites from the shell, they are more famous and more appreciated by some consumers. Eating egg whites for more protein At breakfast, if you aim at eating more protein, you can eat liquid egg […]

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Today you’ll find thousands of tricks and tips for losing weight fast when you browse the web. The problem is that most of these methods lack any scientific background. Some will even cause you more health harm than good, for example, losing muscle mass. That’s why you should shift your attention to scientific ways to lose weight. These methods have been tested by doctors and […]

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Consumers demand for natural plant protein-based foods and expect to grow significantly in the next few years. Increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits of eating natural, organic foods has also contributed to this growth. Factors resulting in the recent rise in popularity of natural plant protein foods include: Consumer concerns about adverse health consequences of eating unnatural diets high in animal-derived protein. Recognition that […]

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Menstrual cramps happen to almost all women, but for some, they can be more severe than for others. Either way, you need to look for better solutions to reduce the pain so that you can carry out your normal daily activities as usual. One of the best ways to reduce menstrual cramps is to drink tea, but not all teas are recommended for menstrual cramps. […]

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