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Category: Diet & Nutrition(Page 2 of 8)

Unsurprisingly, winter time can cause a lot of people to get sick. The math behind this is simple: there are more germs, bacteria, and viruses during winter, and it’s easier for your body to get attacked due to the cold weather. Unfortunately, most of the time, people figure out they’re sick when they’re already sick. As with most bad things in life, it’s best to prevent the flu from happening. Therefore, you should take care of what you eat. This is because some foods have everything your body needs to stay healthy and get an improved and strengthened immune system. […]

Energy drinks hit the news in a pretty big way this month. After a fair amount of medical consultation, the decision has been made to ban the sale of energy drinks to children within England. Many supermarkets were already reticent to sell the drinks to kids, and the move has generally been hailed as a good thing. Over the past ten years or so, energy drinks have become more and more prevalent. Gone are the days when all you could get was a can of V or Red Bull. The industry has exploded, with more and bigger drinks on offer […]

Getting into ketosis and maintaining it is probably not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, but following some guidelines from Konscious Keto may help you achieve you this goal in no time! Ketosis does not happen overnight, but there are several ways for you to achieve ketosis quickly, while still in a healthy manner. In this article, you will get five “shortcuts” to ketosis, and using either one of them will help you reach it in a rather short period, but all of these combined will do wonders for your health! Try Fasting for a Day or Two […]

We know how crucial fiber, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are for the body. But we never pay attention to what we put on our plates. Although proteins, carbs, and fats can be spotted in our meals, fiber is largely ignored. Health experts suggest that adults need 20 to 40 grams of fiber every day. Here are a few benefits of fiber that will convince you to make it a part of your diet: Aids in Digestion and Bowel Movement: Stomach aches and bowel issues have become quite common recently. Constipation is a serious issue, and those who suffer from chronic […]

Some foods have the ability to speed up metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the faster you burn calories. What’s better is that you can maintain an ideal body weight and get rid of excess fat. It is important that you include a healthy mix of veggies and fruits into your meal plans. Here are 7 foods that speed up your metabolism and can help you lose weight. Foods Rich in Iron, Zinc, and Selenium For your body to function properly, it requires certain levels of iron, zinc, and selenium. Each may play a different role as per their characteristics. However, […]

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