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The normal heart is divided into two parts: the left and right, separated by a partition – a membrane. The right side of the heart receives non-oxygenated blood and sends it to the lungs. The oxygenated blood returns from the lungs and enters the left side of the heart, and from there it is sent to all organs. The septum prevents blood mixing. However, some children are born with a hole in the heart wall (on the top or bottom wall). The hole in the septum separating the upper chambers of the heart is known as the atrial septal defect […]

Bring your smile in a day Left those days, when you were supposed to wear dentures in case of loose or missing teeth or have to avoid certain foods. With the concept of One Day Teeth Treatment, it will transform your life. Teeth that are beyond saving can now be replaced with ultimate natural-looking and fully functional new teeth that are fixed permanently in just one day. One Day Dental implants are the latest cutting-edge technology where the implantologists provide close to full, maintaining the natural chewing power by placing as few as four implants in the arch in order […]

The main reason for the death of women in comparison to any other disease is cardiovascular disease. According to a new study, three out of every five women in India are at risk of getting heart disease from the age of 35 years. But most women believe that they are protected from heart disease by at least 50 years of age. Therefore, every woman should be aware of the facts related to heart disease and also those men who love her. The Risk of Death From Heart Disease – Every year, more than more women are killed due to heart […]

Every person who has worked out at a gym can attest to meeting at least one show off individual who doesn’t mind showing the world what he has achieved so far. They spend minutes if not hours staring at themselves in the mirror as if they can’t have enough of their own reflection. Although they can be boring, such people can also be a motivation that you too could achieve similar results. They also show that weight lifting produces the desired results, which are improved fitness and health. With simple weight lifting routines, you can begin reaping the benefits of […]

When experiencing a headache some people tend to think the worst and it is not a wild thought to think of it as a brain tumor. Headaches are a good indicator of underlying sickness that may have, manifested now. A headache is rather a primary symptom of medical headache disorder like a migraine or tension headaches, rather than the suspected brain tumors. However, it is not wise to completely rule it out as it may be symptomatic of a larger issue. The two major types of headaches are: Primary headaches which include cluster headaches, migraines, and tension headaches. Secondary Headaches […]

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