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Since its introduction, Yoga has been considered that type of work out that requires all parts of the body. It involves a mind and body workout such that the body is stretched and strengthened while the mind is its full height of relaxation and meditation. According to Yogi Bhajan, women’s vibes tend to be 16 times more powerful than men’s during their period thereby causing them to be usually different and extremely sensitive. However, Yoga has been seen as a source of help. While some women see no need in practicing Yoga at this time, those who know its importance […]

Breathing is the technique that carries the most crucial element for living, Oxygen, through our body and supplies it to all the organs. Breathing also helps to remove the toxins from the body for a healthy being. On an average, a person takes around 12-20 breaths in a minute which is the ideal breath rate for optimal health. But with conscious breathing through pranayama, meditation and asana practice we can ignite awareness that helps us slow down the breath pace to 4-7 breaths a minute and restore vitality and health. With conscious breathing practice, we put our mind into a […]

Summary: Read the article to discover the reasons behind how Yoga Teacher Training transforms the life of a being. A Yoga Teacher Training marks the first step towards the eternal evolution of the Self. This Yogic Evolution that takes place in the heart, body, and spirit of the practitioner serves a unique purpose. This purpose is to lead the yogi to the life’s destination where the universe and the yogi become one – a complete whole. The road that comprises of a series of mental, physical, and spiritual transformations begins with a Yoga Teacher Training program. To reflect further on […]

Summary: This piece of writing is dedicated to yogis wishing to advance in their yoga journey through 300 hour yoga teacher training course outlining the important factors to contemplate during the selection process of the program. The Yogis take the progressive leap by enrolling in 300 hour yoga teacher training course in India for becoming an advanced level yoga practitioner and teacher. The 300 hour yoga teacher training in India is suitable for the successful 200 hour yoga teacher training graduates desiring to progress in their yoga journey to dive deeper into the science of yoga. For countless reasons, the […]

Dharamshala is a beautiful area of India. It is home to Tibetans and the Dalai Lama, which bring a spiritual source to this area. It is also the birthplace of yoga and you can feel it here. It is an inspiring and nurturing place to visit. If you are looking to do yoga teacher training, Dharamshala is a perfect place to do it. It will make you feel pure bliss with the dramatic backdrop of the Himalaya Mountains. The sacred Ganges River flows through this area too. The culture here exudes yoga. You will feel it everywhere. It brings you […]

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