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Category: Mental Stress(Page 1 of 4)

There is a hypothesis, put forward by Lauren Alloy & Lyn Yvonne Abramson. It states that the more realistic you are, the more you are going to be depressed. That’s true & the theory is called “Depressive realism”. Does that make any sense? Since birth, you are asked to contemplate & fully understand the realities around you. It will leverage you to predict your future & correct the course if necessary. Hence the more you know your world, the more accurate you will become to predict it, the more probabilistically you are depressed. Well, vice versa also seems to support […]

It is normal to get bored with the monotony of life. Do you wish, if you could have a better job or a better standard of living? All such thoughts affect our lives deeply, then thought to be and it is important that we stay motivated towards whatever we do it intend to do. Here are some tips that will help you in the same: 1. Write it – Make it a point to write whatever you want to be in life on a plain sheet of paper everyday before going to bed. Doing so, will create a mental process […]

Growing up I didn’t know a thing about mental health. It was never something we discussed at home, and no one at school ever taught us anything about the subject. In fact, it was only after I was diagnosed with a mental disorder that I realized there existed such a thing. Mental illnesses have been a taboo for a very long time, and even though people have recently started speaking up about it, there is still a lot of disinformation and stigma surrounding the subject. This makes it really hard for us to know exactly how to prevent them. When […]

As a student we have to go through so many ups and down. We have to be mentally and physically strong and have to face all challenges. School and college days are the wonderful phase of one’s life. We want to live that life again. In academic life we have both joyful and stressful days. Everyone wants to lead a successful and happy life for which they have to work hard and focus on studies. But college life and its atmosphere are filled with fun and students get diverted. In academic life, they have to handle and balance so many […]

How many of you like reading? The majority of the researchers argues that, at present, people don’t read books; as a result of the current digital revolution leading to their social media addiction. However, it seems that the demise of books is greatly exaggerated. In fact, people still read, and the number of the avid readers is impressive. A significant number of the book lovers, who may be called as the bookworms, complains about their forgetfulness and failure to remember the plot of different books. This point raises a question – “What is the point of reading if people do […]

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