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Articles on Mental Stress

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Social media surfing often brings us across these fantastic stories of people who’ve achieved major body transformations. From chain smoker to marathon runners, weaklings to gym rats, and beer bellies to six-packs – it is inspiring yet frustrating for some. Realizing your fitness is flat-lining while those guys consistently seem to get better is annoying. We suggest you find a positive channel for this irritation. […]

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Depression is usually present where there is low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem means we see ourselves in a negative and unforgiving light. It may be a struggle to assert and express how we feel to others. If you struggle with your self-esteem, you could benefit from self-esteem coaching. A good self-esteem coach will help you to get to the root of your negative feelings about […]

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Have you been to an office where there’s a large window overlooking a beautiful sunlit garden? The workstations are uncluttered, the place is tidy, and the walls are painted with relaxing colors? You’ll feel relaxed, blissful, and in high spirits. Happiness and Your Environment Our surroundings have a powerful effect on our brains. According to Science Direct, there is evidence that natural environments are beneficial […]

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Encourage memory formation and learning – Save study time – your brain will work hard to solidify memories while you sleep. Regulates mental and emotional Health – sleep helps you overcome challenges with more resilience. Keeps Your Immune System Strong – You’re more likely to get sick when you’re not asleep, which can mean missing out on social activities, classes, and other important events. Supports […]

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Everyone in this world experiences some form of work-related stress, but women face it more as compared to men since they’re usually managing a career and home life. There are a variety of reasons that add up to the psychological stresses and emotional distress that women face regularly. The notable societal pressures to always say “yes” and be attentive during social calls, the weight of […]

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