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E-commerce activity involves the exchange of goods and services basically online with clients. Applications of e-commerce is an inevitable factor in the present day whether it is for wholesale or retail business and even for a manufacturing unit. It is, for this reason, you will find that in all types of CMS like WordPress, E-commerce modules or plugins are now included. Typically e-commerce is categorized into six main types such as: Business-to-Business or B2B Business-to-Consumer or B2C Business-to-Administration or B2A Consumer-to-Consumer or C2C Consumer-to-Business or C2B Consumer-to-Administration or C2A. If you want to target a larger or even the global […]

Vendors are catching up on the idea, to customize the customers’ experience. Times have changed and that is why the business strategies are also changing. E-commerce portals are now using technology, to provide and deliver customer experiences, according to the buyers’ preferences and tastes. For e-commerce sellers, selecting a particular order tracking system, is an important part of amplifying the buyers’ experience. What is the importance of an order tracking system, in enhancing the buyers’ experience? The idea to customize a tracking system is exciting, isn’t it? Keep reading further to know how it improves buyers’ experience! What is the […]

Thanks to eCommerce stores, people can now buy things from anywhere around the world. And today it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a high-quality eCommerce platform is essential for virtually every business. Customers that buy online want to have a shopping experience that is quick, convenient, and affordable. This means if you are running an online store you want to make sure that your web-based storefront is equipped with all the essential features expected by your customers. Here are five features that customers expect from an eCommerce store. 1. Payment Options Customers prefer different types of payment options, since […]

Commemorations are extraordinary events for all couples. Regardless of whether it’s your silver wedding anniversary or precious stone anniversary you will need to praise it significantly. Your anniversary cards will demonstrate your companions and relatives how extraordinary this event is to you and your spouse. Maybe it isn’t even your own anniversary you’re arranging yet your folks’; whichever way utilizing anniversary cards to put forth a celebratory expression is a great method to start your anniversary fete. What’s more, there’s in no way like stating everything with a custom made anniversary card. This guide on the most proficient method to […]

The annual season of fest is knocking on the door. This is the time of the year when all the e-commerce stores are preparing to launch the mega bonanza of offers. According to the sales report, the yearly turn over of the leading merchants has shot up to 57% on the online platforms during the holiday season. So in the nutshell, we can say that, if you have any e-commerce website, then buckle up for the bumper month ahead. But in this age of cut throat competition, success is not everyone’s cup of tea. It only comes to those who […]

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