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Every thriving business has one thing in common; they have discovered the ultimate recipe for delivering amazing customer service. Even though it sounds simple, many companies fail to stay afloat and crumble under the pressure due to this very area. When you consider how essential customers are to business, you see just how crucial it is to nurture a healthy relationship. Even if you have an excellent product, if your customers are satisfied with an interaction they won’t be back. Period. It’s a harsh world but it’s a fundamental business principle. Maybe you are looking to up your team’s customer […]

It is odd how things change. Once during the Summer of ’16, while gulping coffee with my friend Rishi, at a vibrant Koramangala cafe we discussed E-commerce in India and what the future holds for it. And slowly a typical industry discussion between folks who are part of India’s e-commerce story leads to rationally evaluating some real big problems and opportunities. By the time we finished we had ideas we felt was worth evaluating. Following weeks, we jumped to our researches and giving shape to our idea. And then put in next few months doing primary research on consumer and […]

An e-commerce website, such as, is the perfect opportunity for a smaller company to really demonstrate one of its key strengths – its size. Good website planning is crucial. One of the greatest assets a small business has is its size. While there is a temptation (and sometimes a necessity) for a small business to position itself as a larger company, this can sometimes weaken one of the company’s greatest strengths. Planning an E-commerce Website A well designed e-commerce website helps to even the playing field between large and small companies and allows the smaller business a wonderful opportunity […]

When it comes to sales, retailers everywhere are struggling to compete with Amazon and Walmart. But if you think that lowering prices is the only way to deal with this issue, then think again. Retailers face several challenges when trying to increase sales, and price sensitivity is just one of them. You will have to master all or at least most of these challenges to make good sales. Read further to learn what these challenges are and why lowering prices is not necessarily the only solution to increase your sales. Get A Deeper Insight Into Retail If you want good […]

There are a number of choices available if businesses are considering selling their products using a website. Starting an E-commerce website is one of the quick and good options for businesses who want to start selling their products online. But, it looks easy to start an online website for selling products, but it has increasingly become more important and difficult to select good E-commerce platform. Year after year more advanced technologies are coming in E-commerce and competition has raised among various businesses who prefer selling their products using e commerce solutions. So, for that, developers are required to add social […]

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