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Research professor- Xavier Trepat once quoted “The easiest decision a reader can make is to stop reading!” Imagine if the person whose opinion is crucial to your college admission makes the dreadful decision to stop reading, not because the essay does not have the information they are seeking, but because the presentation is not done to the expected standard. How then do you ensure you don’t keep skirting around what you want to say in the essay? How do you choose which words you want to use and which ones you avoid? What guides you during this process? How do […]

We all go through the same phase in life where we want to pursue studies after schooling but can’t decide which college is the best. If you want to study honours, then worry not! Here we have listed 5 colleges in Delhi that are best for studying Honours. Here have a look at the article to know the details! Best Delhi Colleges For B.Com Honours Delhi has always been considered on top in terms of studies. So, if you live in Delhi, or have any plans to study in Delhi then here are the best options to study […]

A college student’s life is always full of writing assignments – that is the reality. Many students find that mastering writing is a hard task and end up procrastinating until the deadline is days away. If you are one of these students, there are few tools online that you can use to boost your productivity. And the best part of all is that they are all free. So the next time you try to do your assignment, consider giving these tools a try. 1. Google Docs Google Docs is an online word processor that you can use in almost every […]

If your dream is to become a doctor after taking education from a highly reputed university in the world, you must go to study MBBS in China. The most important feature that China offers in medical education is the lowest fee structure. It is known by the entire world that China offers such a prestigious education at such a low fee structure. It is possible for the Medical Universities of China because they have very strong financial support from the Government of China. This initiative has been taken by the Chinese government in order to establish very good diplomatic relations […]

Future scope of electronics and communication engineers is increasing day by day in India. With more and more advancements every day, the electronics field is taking a major turn towards more career and employment opportunities for the students. We all know that India is a developing country and electronics plays a very pivotal role in association with it. Therefore, the demand of electronics and communication engineers is increasing heavily with the passing time and that is what making the students to choose electronics and communication as their preferred engineering course. If we look at past few years then the number […]

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