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Becoming a chartered accountant is usually described to be a rigorous and arduous process hence the challenge. There are extremely tough examinations, cut-throat competition, coupled a difficult course to manage and strenuous academic schedules, many times, tend to make the aspirant wonder if they can achieve this challenging task. However, as in all other activities and processes deserving of a worthwhile result, the result of […]

The demand for ethical hacking technologies and a specialized workforce is surmounting at a staggering rate. Today, the world is sitting at a time machine of massive cybersecurity threats that happen every year. This has given way to a demand that never seems to die out. Instead, Fortinet reports that 83% of company boards recommend a higher security headcount, with the demand for trained certified […]

Are you considering embarking on a career in real estate in the Lone Star State? This could be an exciting venture but you will need to know the answer to the question “How much is a real estate license in Texas” Every agent in the state must have a real estate license to be able to practice as a legally recognized professional. It is vital […]

The amount of risk today’s digital world possesses isn’t hidden from anyone, especially the cybercriminals. They are aware of each type of vulnerability available in individual as well as organization’s systems and networks. Therefore, companies of all kinds are looking for skilled cybersecurity professionals who can protect their digital infrastructure and sensitive data. Professionals working in this domain are already eligible for handsome annual salary […]

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Artificial Intelligence security will be increasingly focused with a critical ramp-up in 2024 Joseph Thacker, Principal AI Engineer, and Security Researcher @AppOmni The global AI industry is booming beyond measure. Industry geniuses and global AI leaders are putting their stakes in the AI spectrum as it promises exponential growth rates. Becoming a certified AI engineer was never an inviting option than today. While responding to […]

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