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The 8000XHT series flow meter is a short form of 8000 extreme High Heat, and it’s a type of technology that people use to measure the temperature and the flow rate of a liquid using one instrument. The result in the measurement depends on the fluid’s kinematic viscosity at the set operating temperature. Therefore, it is sometimes related to the 8000 series. The 8000XHT series […]

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Air quality is a hot topic. We often pay attention to air quality alerts, and our global community is paying more and more attention to air pollution. But what about indoor air quality? Often that’s an aspect of our lives that we overlook because we just take for granted that when we are inside, we are good. How can we keep from having poor indoor […]

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Rotameters are liquid measurement devices used to accurately measure the flow rate of different types of fluids. The other name for this flow measuring device is the variable area flow meter. When measuring flow rate using a rotameter device, the liquid substance passes through the tapered tube, and the float found inside it will rise to measure the flow rate. Thus, in the measuring process, […]

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When you spend time in robotic welding, you require a high-quality leak detection tool. It ensures you get leak signals even when there are no directors on site. Weldsaver will defend welders from heating. The tool will confirm all expensive tools like water-cooled devices, electrodes, caps, and transformers are secure. Weldsaver is the most suitable water saver in the market. It serves to control essential […]

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Flow meters are special instruments used to measure the flow of liquids. These devices measure gases, liquids, or steam that is passing over a pipe or a tube. Always make sure to control the flow of liquids passing through the tube using these meters. If the flow is too low or too high, it will make the meter not work well. Flow meters are used […]

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