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If you recently started your first full-time job, you’re probably dreaming of the day you get that first paycheck in your hands. However, payday is about more than just pocket money now. Even if you make enough to be financially flexible, a budget and a good plan can help your grow your wealth and save for years to come. A real job comes with real […]

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CIBIL or credit score is a 3-digit number that represents an individual’s creditworthiness. It is one of the multiple parameters used by financiers to arrive at one’s credit reliability. Other determinants include CIR, CCR, etc. Credit Information Bureau of India Limited or CIBIL is the apex body issuing credit score and generating reports. It does so for 600+ million individuals and companies in India via […]

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Being in an automobile accident is scary. You are often in a state of shock afterward and feeling the pain of the impact. However, the few moments and days after the accident are vital. There are a few things that you should never do and some things that you must take care of. Here is a list to help you stay on track after you’ve […]

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The deteriorating lifestyle, uncertainty in life and escalating healthcare costs often push people to critical circumstances where the inability to access money can restrict appropriate medical assistance. Therefore, health insurance has become an excellent financial product to mitigate future risks. Health insurance gives you financial support for treatments as per the policy coverage. For example, if you have a health insurance policy of Rs. 15 […]

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You will inevitably go through tough times financially. However, if you’ve found yourself in a tight spot, there are some ways that can help you get back on track. You shouldn’t have to scrimp each month and live paycheck-to-paycheck. Whatever mistakes you have made or problems you have had in the past, you can get out of them. Here are a few ways to get […]

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