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A wedding or marriage is one of the most important days of your lives. If you are a parent to a soon to be married son or daughter or anyone else looking to get married, then you may have been arranging for the D-day for long. However, when it comes to an Indian wedding, no matter how well you plan, you may be short of something or the other. Requiring other things for which you have not planned may need some extra money. In the same context, opting for a marriage loan can be a smart idea. Yes, a personal […]

There is great competition among banks and credit card issuers today because of the increasing popularity of credit cards in India. One of the after-effects of the demonetisation exercise in November 2016 is that more people are switching over to the cashless mode of transactions. Credit card payment is one of the best and most attractive methods of payment. It is handy for both online and offline payments. This increase in credit card usage has prompted banks and credit card issuers to come up with innovative products to incentivise the usage of credit cards. Let us look at the changes […]

The presence of a certified public accountant or CPA is important for many reasons. They are experts when performing assurance and auditing services, which other professionals cannot do. However, if you are into a commercial business, the CPAs will provide you their consulting and tax services, through cost segregation that will allow you to increase the flow of cash by delaying your tax liability with faster depreciation on the assets. When you are taking up the role of a CPA, it is important that you ensure all the individuals and companies abide by the tax law, by filling the state […]

You and your partner just came home back after seeing a brand new property where you two are planning to live on rent. Well, that’s good news indeed, but you might want to check your credit score first. Yes, you heard it right! Basically, when you apply to rent a property, the owner of the property will go through several background checks before handing over the keys and you would be surprised to know that whether you will get the property or not is very much decided by your credit score. Now, you must be thinking that “so, I cannot […]

Employee State Insurance is a social security labour legislation aiming at labour welfare. It is a self-financing scheme in which both the employer and the employee together contribute. It provides medical as well as financial assistance to the employees at the time of need. It covers sickness benefits, maternity benefits, disability benefits and has provisions for related matters. It is a statutory legal responsibility on the employer failure of which is an offence under Section 406 of the Indian Penal Code. It is important for the employers to timely collect the ESI Registration documents and register their establishment. Registration Criteria […]

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