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The purpose of long-term investments is to finance distant future objectives, such as a college education, a home, retirement, etc. Choose a proper fund for wealth creation. Long-term objectives have a time horizon greater than five years, and equity-oriented schemes (>=65 per cent equity allocation) are considered one of the finest long-term investment options. Compared to hybrid and debt funds, equities have a greater growth […]

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Nothing is as it seems in the financial markets. Prices will rise and fall, but though you’ve been told it’s supply or demand, it’s not quite that simple. Sure, economic and fundamental data matter, but nothing happens against the laws of order flow. What Is Order Flow? In order to understand order flow trading you need to know how institutional investors work. Be it due […]

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Investors can trade in stock at any time during active trading with the development of online trading. The most common trading method in the stock market is day trading. Transactions take place continuously in the share market every day. Any investor with a Demat account can be a day trader. What are the basics of day trading and how to start day trading, let’s take […]

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Tax garnishment is a collection process that can be used to get money from someone who owes taxes but won’t or can’t pay them. These measures are taken by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when it feels that a taxpayer has not paid his fair share of taxes and has neglected to pay up or offer acceptable payment terms. This article details tax garnishment, how […]

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All of us have been in the age when we had tonnes of assignments to complete. One such assignment is accountings; this subject is filled with calculations mostly. Apart from school life, students got their part-time jobs, additional activities, friends, family and many other things to juggle around with. Days, when students were just supposed to study being a student are over. Talking about assignments, […]

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