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The credit score ranges from 300 to 900 and is the reflection of an individual’s creditworthiness. The higher the score, the more reliable he/she is as a borrower and vice versa. Every individual who has availed credit will have a score. Financial institutions, almost in all cases of lending, rely on this score of a prospective borrower to determine the degree of risk that an […]

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Creating a will is highly advisable for anyone who has assets to their name, whether you own one single-family home, a business, or a plethora of entities and ventures. While thinking about death can be stressful, drafting a will and updating it occasionally can bring peace of mind. Knowing that you’ve provided for your loved ones, even in circumstances beyond your control, can help give […]

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Even though both financial instruments involve mortgaging immovable properties, loan against property and home loans have some fundamental differences. Starting from the purpose of availing these loans to their end-use limitations, the distinctions are sometimes quite direct. Nonetheless, several borrowers fail to conceptualise these differences between the two. One should assess the differences so that he/she can determine when such credits are necessary. Besides, comparing […]

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Saving a substantial corpus for the future is what prompts most individuals into investing in different schemes. But the most prominent two among all the other investment opportunities are mutual funds and fixed deposits. Both of them carry specific investment growth formula suitable for either the risk-averse or risk-taking investor, catering to the whole range of the prospective investors in the Indian demography. So, let’s […]

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When it comes to your home mortgage, you may think of it only as another bill due each month. The truth is that your mortgage can provide you with many benefits if you know where to look. You need to start thinking of your mortgage as a viable way to leverage your financial future. Know Your Interest Rate Options Mortgage lenders will typically offer two […]

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