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Technology has revolutionized the world of private investing. In the past, it was simpler to start a company. One needed only a good idea, some funds, and a lot of effort to get the word out about their product or service. But things are different now. The world has gone digital, and this new lifestyle has affected everyone—even those in the investment sector. Automated Portfolio […]

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Taxes are something we could never overlook; it’s a legal issue. But, what if we could tell you there is a good chance for you to reduce it. Bet you are aware of how investments work. So, you invest your money, and that money turns out to be working for you and earning your interest. This also means you are earning out finding the amount […]

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Life is not a catwalk on the red carpet all the time. Rather life is like a car we drive on a road full of surprises, unannounced turns, and twists. A Stepney is necessary for an emergency situation and continuing life’s journey. What is this Stepney in our real life? This is your savings. If you are a spender and find nothing in hand at […]

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Establishing a habit of saving money is usually easier in theory than in practice. It’s usually one of the new year’s resolutions for many people in their personal finance and business-related goals. Sadly, the goal fails to materialize for several reasons. Whatever your reason for not being able to keep up with your money-saving goals, the truth is that you can make a difference in […]

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First and foremost, consider why you want to participate in LIC’s initial public offering. Do you want to make quick money or accumulate riches over time? For the time being, ignore the desire to increase your listing value. One of India’s most trusted brands is LIC. When it comes to acquiring insurance, trust is the most critical consideration, and it bears even more weight when […]

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