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You should brush up on your understanding of the forex market if you’re just getting started. Forex transactions differ from equities markets in that the leverage ratio is more significant, and other causes influence the price movements of currencies. There are several internet resources available to people new to Forex trading. You’ll need to sign up for an account with a brokerage to get started […]

The London market provides many opportunities for both beginners and experienced traders. Today, the world is increasingly becoming more interconnected as well as globalized. As such, it’s no surprise that many discover that they can trade from home but connect to the world’s largest exchange to make trades, as opposed to solely trading with their local exchanges. So let’s get down to it – here […]

Entering the world of finance is exciting, especially for first-time investors. They enter it with zeal and enthusiasm along with a lot of eagerness to make more money (grow their finances). This zest often leads to impulsive actions for some, if not guided properly or under circumstances of less research. The rage these days is cryptocurrency. Not only is it attracting people with an excess […]

Despite some rhetoric to the contrary, forex trading should not be considered as a “get rich quick” scheme. This is borne out by the sheer number of loss making accounts, with as many as 70% of traders losing money on a regular basis. However, do not turn away from forex just yet! it is still possible to achieve a profit as a forex trader, while […]

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Trading foreign currencies have become one of the most prominent ways of earning money online. The availability of the market, high liquidity, and all-around-the-clock trading hours are just some of the advantages. Here are the basics to know about the market and the trading process on Forex. Before starting trading on Forex The first step requires finding a good brokerage platform where you are going […]

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