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Agave has been used in the production of tequila for centuries, while you may not be aware that this particular plant is now being cultivated in Australia to provide a fantastic type of spirit. Indeed, a building has been intrinsically linked to the production of tequila in Mexico first century is, while this particular plant is also suited to the climate of Australia. As a […]

Like most people, you probably have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and occasionally throughout the day. You may not even think about it, but there are different methods for making that caffeinated beverage. You can have your coffee beans, or you can have your instant coffee. Which one is better? Coffee beans are the original way to make a cup of […]

The aroma and taste of a fresh cup of joe can be intoxicating and addicting. There is a good reason why coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and has been for countless centuries. The coffee bean production process starts by collecting coffee cherries, then pulping them to extract the beans, packaging and transporting the raw beans, and finally roasting and […]

A grilling pan or a griddle pan is a type of frying pan with raised edges. It comes in a wide variety of options such as non-stick and cast iron surfaces. However, to get the best taste, cast iron is preferred. There are a wide variety of recipes that can be followed to get the best experience of cooking. The word ‘grill’ provides the essence […]

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In general, the typical and traditional African food is made of a combination of local products such as fruits, cereals, vegetables, milk, and meat. In some parts of the continent, the traditional diet is based on milk and some derivate products made from it. But egg has also its main role in the cooking of some specific African dishes. Here are the three most popular […]

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