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Functional Programming Vs Object-Oriented Programming. Which is Best for Development Firm? When you choose to start planning for the in-house programming for your business, you have two options for programming technique. The one which you select would impact your products and development. Approaches such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Functional Programming (FP) are very popular and have proponents. In fact, most Software development companies follow […]

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This global pandemic has taken the world by a storm. Companies are becoming more and more concerned about their workers’ health. Working remotely to avoid human contact is becoming the new norm. The precautionary measures are taken, yet it has disrupted the entire hiring and recruitment process. Even though corporates are shifting the entire recruitment strategy to virtual platforms, this might hit hard on startups […]

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This article is useful for all the Python learners who have applied for a Python interview. Anyone who is looking for some tips and suggestions to prepare for the Python interview to outdo competing candidates can take advantage from this article. If you believe that there is a dearth of programmers in the job market and you can easily land on to your dream Python […]

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Finance is a field lush with lucrative career options that come along with superb earning potential, in a wide range of industries. The financial sector has seen large growth despite global economic ups and downs. This makes it a little more guaranteed than other business sectors. There are plenty of reasons than why considering to pursue finance online is a smart choice for you. We’ve […]

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You may have it heard already that some leaders are naturally gifted, while some can nurture this precious skill. Acquiring leadership skills is not as easy as you may have read on the internet. And, it becomes more difficult, when you start to train others. Many people confuse leadership skills with management. Management is merely about managing things, while leadership deals with people and their […]

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