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Category: Recruitment & Career(Page 3 of 6)

The Narendra Modi government came up with the idea of Digital India such that this important programme would help to bring in the influence of technology. In order to reach out to the large audience, some other programs have also been planned such as Start-up India, Stand-up India, and Skill India. When you look into the influence of Digital India, it would be noticed that it not only helped in empowerment but also help in creating plenty of employment opportunities. One prominent example is the introduction of Aadhaar card that would help to link a physical identity with the technology […]

The suitability of an individual for a specific profession is not just based on his/her aptitude or awareness in a specific domain but also on a number of other factors. Generally when people make achievements in a particular stream or vocation or domain they feel that it is a component of interest which can be used to their advantage, identity and interest. Therefore, if a person has to choose his career, it must be on the basis of the Assessment which measures the capability of a person as far as his Interest, Personality and Aptitude are concerned. When the individual […]

Network engineers are accountable for accomplishing, taking care of, supporting; planning and, arranging correspondence organizes inside an association or between associations. They will probably ensure the uprightness of high availability; arrange a system to give most outrageous execution to their clients. Their customers might be staff, clients, and suppliers. Systems can include PC voice, Firewall, Network Specialists. They may work inside as a segment of an association group, or remotely as a major part of an outsourced IT sorting out consultancy firm working with different clients. Qualifications: The basic requirement to become a system engineer is to hold a bachelor […]

Java is one of the most popular programming languages known globally. There is a huge demand for Java developers. Irrespective of whether the company is small or big Java plays an important role. And getting a java developer jobs in any company, the process is lengthy and time taking and it also includes various levels or you can also say rounds. The rounds may include aptitude round, group discussion or personal interview round and technical round is also there. And the employers ask questions revolving around Java and its basic concepts and projects handled in the college. Apart from this, […]

Education is a fundamental of any industrialized nation, so, it is very natural that qualified teachers are always in demand throughout the world. Teaching jobs include preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school and secondary school teachers. Teachers are meant for giving lessons. They prepare audio and visual lessons for the better understanding of the students. These jobs are always on trend and in high demand. Everyone needs learning whether he or she are students or working for an organization. Languages are the part of our culture and people have a keen interest in learning them. If you are considering taking a […]

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