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A car accident can be a traumatic experience, but there are things you can do to help yourself both physically and financially recover from the incident. Regardless of whether or not you were at fault, you deserve to heal after such an accident. Try the following four tips to help you get there faster. Seek Medical Attention Immediately following an accident, seek medical attention for […]

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Unfortunately, defective products can hurt consumers in many meaningful ways. One slip-up can cause companies to recall thousands of products, which often doesn’t happen until after an injury has already occurred. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure customers are safe. When they fail at this duty, the victim is within their rights to pursue a product liability claim. If a defective product has harmed […]

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There are DUI laws for every state in America. The DUI laws prohibit the drivers behind the wheels of cars from driving after getting drunk. Similarly, in a state like Arizona, there are also certain DUI laws for the citizens. In Phoenix city, specific DUI laws apply, and if you get into trouble of this sort, you will need a professional Phoenix DUI lawyer to […]

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Whenever vacation time rolls around, whether it’s summer, the holidays, or a quick weekend getaway, you could have an accident at some point during your vacation. So, whether you take your car or rent a car, it’s important to know what you should do if you ever find yourself in an accident while on vacation. Based on CDC statistics, about 50 million people are injured […]

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A wrongful death could be caused by negligence or recklessness while driving on the road, practicing medicine, manufacturing products, supervising children, or participating in a wide range of other actions. If you’re an immediate family member like a spouse, parent, or child of a person who is killed, you can sue for monetary compensation for the emotional and financial harm that the death caused. To […]

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