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Your garage door is really a valuable part of your home. If it does not work properly, then you can find yourself with a sticky door, or worse, no access to your garage. Here are four checks you can use to make sure your garage is always accessible and safe. Listen for Strange Noises Any clanking, loud pops, or groaning can signal a big issue with the garage door. It may be something as simple as a rock in the tracks, but a broken spring could also be the culprit. If you hear an unusual noise, then try to track […]

During the winter, water heaters often stop working due to the cold temperatures. This is a particularly bad time to have this happen for self-evident reasons. In the chaos of an early morning shower gone wrong or a similar problem, it can be difficult to know what to do. You must think quickly to overcome the issues that are associated with the lack of warm water. For this reason, it is best to plan ahead. You should use these steps to cope with the situation. Check for Water Leaks Water heaters that are old can begin to leak water from […]

Winter may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the weather that comes with it can be quite frightful. The worst storms of the winter can cause serious damage to a home if homeowners fail to take the necessary precautions. Even if you don’t face outtages from massive storms, just the freezing temperature can cause great damage to your home. Consider the following information to properly protect your property from the dangers of freezing water during the winter. Frozen Pipes As temperatures drop, the risk that your pipes will freeze and eventually burst increases. Statistics show that burst […]

If you’ve noticed any offensive odors in your home, then you know how important it is to find the source ASAP. Bad smells aren’t just off-putting; they sometimes incident a serious problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. To find a smell in your home, follow these tips. The sooner you act, the safer your family will be, and the sooner you can restore your home’s air to its former glory. Close All the Windows and Doors Trapping the stench indoors is the last thing you want to do, but open windows and doors will cause other smells […]

If there’s one thing that can absolutely devastate a home, it’s a severe termite infestation. Termites eat wood. If left alone, a termite colony can absolutely destroy the structure of a house. What’s worse is that termites have the ability to hide themselves in a home and often go undetected until thousands of dollars of damage has been done. If you want to stop a termite infestation, you need to know how to find them and kill them. What Attracts Termites? First, it may be a good idea to know exactly what houses are at risk of a termite infestation. […]

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