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Asbestos was once considered as a magic mineral as the properties of this naturally available mineral is soft, flexible, resistant to heat, electricity and chemical corrosion. Such kind of material was most commonly used by real estate developers to make the structure stronger by mixing it with cement which makes it very much profitable for business, but at the same time, they are proved to be highly toxic leading to cause cancer and other diseases. Due to this even local government authorities set regulations for asbestos removal from buildings. Asbestos exposure can cause diseases like chronic lung disease, lung cancer, […]

Are you living in a small house? Do you have to move things a little to pack & play? Well, I had to. In my life, I have lived in a lot of small houses where only a little space was available, but we had to manage somehow. And since, I have been able to manage, therefore, my experience would be somewhat beneficial for those who are just starting to live in college hostels or dorm rooms. I have, therefore, decided to write a hands-on guide for all those who are living in a small space. So, let’s get started […]

A story was once told of a man who wanted to embark on a journey to a distant land. This occurred in the days when the only option for oversea trips was a voyage by sea. This man was quite poor, so it took him some time to save his fare for the trip. Once he was able to save up the amount he needed to pay for his passage, he immediately purchased his ticket. Knowing he only had just enough to pay the fare, he tried to provision himself with what he could to sustain him through the journey. […]

Portable fire extinguishers are likely the most familiar fire safety device. That’s because fire extinguishers are the first line of defense when a small fire breaks out. However, just like all aspects of any fire protection system, fire extinguishers are only effective when they are properly maintained and used correctly. Because fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against fire, it’s important that everyone knows where they are and understands how to use them properly. There are many fire protection companies in the Vancouver area, you can check their sites online such as, which provides tips that can […]

When it comes to civil engineering, Shapoorji Pallonji is a brand to reckon with. India has seen a steady rise in real estate projects in the last few decades. But there have also been numerous cases of failed deadlines and fraudulent constructions. If you are buying a home, it is important that you buy it from the best. Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville at Gurgaon is a good choice. You have the comfort of dealing with a renowned brand. In addition, you get assurance of the best construction quality. The RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act) has put all estate developers under some […]

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