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If there’s one thing that can absolutely devastate a home, it’s a severe termite infestation. Termites eat wood. If left alone, a termite colony can absolutely destroy the structure of a house. What’s worse is that termites have the ability to hide themselves in a home and often go undetected until thousands of dollars of damage has been done. If you want to stop a termite infestation, you need to know how to find them and kill them. What Attracts Termites? First, it may be a good idea to know exactly what houses are at risk of a termite infestation. […]

A career in real estate can provide you with an excellent salary and job stability. In addition to becoming a standard real estate agent who helps clients buy and sell homes, there are many other career paths in this field that are worth exploring. Here are four ways to start a lucrative career in real estate. Rent Out Apartments Serving as a landlord while you rent out apartments to tenants and collect monthly rent payments can give you a steady stream of income. You can choose to buy an apartment building to rent separate units or work for someone else […]

You might have heard that there is money in real estate, and that would be correct. Becoming a landlord is much like starting and running any other business, though. You need to know how to get started properly in order to have the best chances of success. Renovate Your Property Into Apartments You can make a lot more money as a landlord by renting out multiple units rather than just a single building. When getting started, it may therefore be a good idea to plan a remodel where you divide your existing property up into several apartment units. This can […]

As a property investor, you may have wondered if it is worthwhile paying the extra property management fee or would you be able to save by self-managing your property. However, it would only take one problematic tenant to create significant legal and financial issues for a Property Owner and you may not have the experience or resources to deal with it properly, hence racking up unnecessary costs. This, and many other reasons, some of the main ones listed below, are the main reasons why Property Managers are worth the investment, helping Owners maximize their returns on their investment. Expert Knowledge […]

When you are ready to sell your home, or if you are working in the real estate market, you do not want to wait months for a buyer to make a successful offer. You probably hope that within days or weeks, your home will be sold to the highest bidder. Whether putting your house on the market or starting a business of reselling homes, here are a few tips that could lead to a fast sale. Make Your Home Picture Perfect Before listing your house for sale, go through each room to ensure it looks attractive for prospective buyers. Get […]

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