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Pests are not just dangerous for one’s health, they are also a threat to one’s property. They carry spreadable diseases, and some of them steadily demolish the houses and put homeowners out of their comfort zones. Pests are small creatures that can substantially affect the quality of our lives, they are something that should not be overlooked; especially if you are living in Vancouver. Homeowners […]

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Moving into your new home is exciting, tedious, and overwhelming all at the same time. With all of the preparation that it takes to move in your home, it’s easy to overlook home security. Many crooks will target new homeowners before they can occupy their new abode. To avoid falling victim and to protect your home for the future, take some proactive steps to protect […]

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Do you live in Toronto and use mouse traps to get rid of mice? Yes, mouse traps can catch and trap a mouse; however, you may not be using the mouse traps the right way. If you are not using the traps the right way then you are committing mistakes. In this post, we shall highlight the mistakes that you may be committing while catching […]

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Ants are common in houses. Some people find the sight of ants very disturbing while for some, they are not of great danger. We want to let you know that ants can cause great damage, not to your home but also your health. If you don’t find ants dangerous, learn about their dangers today so that you understand why preventing ants is important. You must […]

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While most HVAC units are now designed to be silent, it’s not uncommon to hear an occasional ding or swoosh. However, when those occasional pings or bangs become louder and more frequent, it could be a sign that your unit needs to be serviced. If you’re not sure what’s normal and what’s not, here are five noises you should never ignore from your AC. 1. […]

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