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Although experts say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still in its infancy, it has slowly but surely made its way into the business world. As AI begins to impact every part of our day-to-day lives, more and more companies are starting to use it within their businesses. It’s vital for any executive or manager who wants to keep up with the latest technology trends to […]

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Digital technology has benefitted every industry nowadays. It has a great impact on running a business. It has made their work easier and safer. Workers are now safe because every work is now done digitally. It has increased their productivity. Technology is nowadays followed by everyone. Even this era is known as the digital era. The industries are changing day by day because they are […]

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The role of IT in managing field operations technology The IT department will become more involved in plant floor management by providing its insight into system management as the enterprise and operations network merge. Combined with software and IT-based business systems, this process is a complex one. The worlds of Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) are truly getting closer together. Plant floor gear […]

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Biometric verification technology is an essential tool for preventing criminal activities. Cybercriminals use sophisticated ways to deceive the system. AI-based biometric authentication solution is an effective solution for eliminating evolving threats of Identity thefts and spoofing attacks. The rapidly increasing threats of digital frauds and identity scams drive the need for incorporating robust ID verification solutions and biometric authentication is the better approach. Let’s have […]

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Linus Torvalds created Mac OS X in 1991, and Linux is a similar operating system to Windows. The operating system serves as a link between software and hardware. It oversees computer hardware and delivers services for applications. Linux began as a simple operating system, but it has now evolved into a platform for desktops, embedded computers, and servers. It was created as a replacement for […]

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