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Do you remember playing sonic hedgehog on the SAGA gaming station? Remember the struggles that you have to go through just to play a video game. Connecting to the television, inserting the gaming cassettes, and connecting the controllers was quite a tiresome and hectic process. And if by any chance you lost the game cassette, you have to purchase the new one or borrow one […]

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You are on a website. You select a few items and tap on the ‘add to cart’ button. Once you are done selecting your items, you go to the cart and purchase the items. The items will be delivered to your house or anywhere else that you want easily. No muss, no fuss. Right? But do you know the amount of technology and coding that […]

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What is a Managed Voice? Managed voice services allude to a system that joins your internet connection, equipment, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) into a single package managed by a service provider. With this system set up, the service provider monitors and controls your telephones, so you don’t need to. For organizations that don’t have the IT staff to deal with the requirements of […]

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The extra switch features you need Most switches have the following normal or optional features. Multi-speed capacity. Switches support different speeds. This implies you can consolidate Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-TX), Fast Ethernet (100BASE-TX), and 10BASE-T customers on the same network, and each will run at the greatest possible speed. Nowadays it is suggested purchasing just Gigabit switches, as most network adapters currently support Gigabit speeds. “Extra” […]

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The marketing sector has been evolving for many years with increasing numbers of businesses and brands shifting their focus from traditional media to social media platforms. One of the most popular techniques currently being used is that of social listening that can have a big impact on the way a brand uses its marketing to reach out to more customers using the most up to […]

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