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Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving ever since website owners realized the importance of SEO. To stay ahead you have to keep up to date with all the requirements made by different search engines from time to time. While a lot of tricks have been tried, one has proven to remain unchanged over the years. Link building is one useful skill that most online businesses depend on today to rank on top of SERPs. Google has, in fact, confirmed that link building is among the three main factors they consider when ranking websites on their pages. Hire local business SEO […]

If you think you are spending lot of time on your smartphone device and want to curb usage, then best social media addition apps could help you do that. These smart apps help you track phone and app usage to help you set limits for usage. Let’s discuss more here. Social Fever With Social Fever beat your smartphone addiction. This powerful tool helps you curb your social media addiction and phone usage. It allows you to add your hobbies and interests in the app. Here, it will tell you how much time you could have spent doing your favorite hobbies. […]

Search engines exist to make life on the internet much easier. They sift through all the content held within the internet about a particular query raised and give the best and most relevant choices. If you are looking to gain visibility online, then you need to ensure that your online platform is search engine friendly. If your platform is not discoverable for search engines then it is not discoverable to the world. Ecommerce SEO services in India help make your platform visible to the online world. What Are the Functions of A Search Engine? For search engines to be effective […]

There is nothing worse than a slow website. Not only is a slow website bad for the end-user, it is also horrible for search engine optimisation (SEO) – and can result in lower ranking in search engine results. That will lead to fewer website visits, customer conversion and revenue for you. To avoid is, follow these seven steps. 1. Use Minification For Code You are probably wondering what minification is -it is a super efficient technique for streamlining code. In simple terms, minifying code removes every element that is unnecessary and redundant, to ensure your site is only using the […]

Choosing a PPC management company in New York is a hard task. Search marketing is a critical part of promoting your business. A well-managed account can give you an advantage of millions of dollars as compared to poorly managed accounts. However, it is hard to choose an AdWords agency if we lack the proper knowledge of what to look for. The AdWords world is constantly changing and only a company that can strategize as well as creatively handle the accounts can truly make the most of it. Most of the companies in the market only make false claims and throw […]

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