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Have you ever searched for something on Google and seen a box at the top of the search results page that answers your question? Yes. We are talking about Featured Snippets. Featured snippets are designed to give you a quick answer so you don’t have to click on other websites. Featured snippets come in several forms – paragraph snippets, list snippets, table snippets, and more. […]

Content stays in the heart of Google. The above line is something that is a surety for everyone on search engines these days. The game that the world of digital marketing is playing is one of content. Audiences today are much more conscious of marketing than they were in the past when newspaper headlines were above the fold, TV and radio broadcasts dominated, and there […]

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The internet is ruling all because of content. Your website will grow all because of the content. “Content” is none-other than a growing factor in digital marketing. The phrase “content” refers to any type of textual, visual, video, or interactive element on a website. Content adds value to a website by providing a cause for visitors to visit it in the first place. Nobody will […]

Amazon provides space for sellers to recognize their brand. However, it has been home now to millions of sellers which increases a lot of competition among each seller. Therefore, Amazon EBC/A Plus Content is a feature by Amazon that allows sellers or vendors to modify their product description listing with enhanced images, high-quality multimedia, and compelling texts. EBC Listing Or EBC: EBC is an abbreviation […]

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Are you overspending on the content marketing budget, or is it less? How to evaluate? Content marketing cost per month depends on multiple factors like your audiences and the type of services you promote. In General, B2B firms dedicate 29% of the budget to content marketing, while on the higher side, it leads to 39%. A catchy blog post can fetch you broader traffic than […]

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