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Category: Digital Marketing(Page 2 of 15)

In today’s world, social media is the new frontier. On social media, news can travel even faster. A single video can go viral in just a matter of minutes. It makes connections all over the globe. How Social Media Affects Businesses We should admit it – social media is powerful. From a business standpoint, it helps companies gain popularity and establish a stable presence in the online world. With millions upon millions of social media users, any company with a strong following has a great opportunity to earn more and achieve business goals easier. Taking Advantage of Social Media’s Power […]

There would not be a single businessman who might not be interested in increasing their sales through all possible means available. If you are sailing in the same boat stay with us till the end to know how you should make your marketing strategy to attract your potential customers. Alain Templeman is here with simple steps that will help you to make an unbeatable marketing strategy. But Before going further you need to answer the following questions. Who is your targeted audience? Why your products are advantageous? How your services and products meet customer requirements? Where your customer can buy […]

Let’s have a quick look back into the top-ranking signals of the past. Back in 2014, the top-ranking signals was HTTPS In 2015, it was the mobile-friendliness the top-ranking signal. 2016 witnessed content development as the same when RankBrain was introduced. In 2017, HTTPS again came to the forefront. 2018 demanded speed of mobile pages as one among the top-ranking factors. In fact, search engine ranking algorithms work not based on a single ranking factor, but take into account various aspects of a web page to decide its weight. Google tends to evaluate websites based on hundreds of varying factors. […]

The world of unorthodox practices is what I have named this world as. It is completely based on creative processes and innovation. One field that explicitly saw the same is in the field of marketing. To keep creativity out of marketing means failing at attracting customers in the current times. But one more thing that is essentially important in today’s marketing is to choose the platform. In this world of the digital marketing landscape, the number of platforms for digital content posting has increased but do you have the idea about which ones are the best? Well, we here have […]

Reddit, the self-proclaimed, and rightly so, the front page of the internet has come a long way since its founding years, way before ‘I read it on Reddit’ was actually popular. Everything on the internet has had its ups and downs, but somehow reddit has always managed to remain a constant. The abysmal data mine attracts more than 8 billion users a day, and the trend just seems to keep on rising. Top 11 Reddit Facts You Did Not Know It’s been quite a journey for it and so in memory of it being founded 13 years ago this very […]

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