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Digital marketing has been changing very dynamically in recent years. Methods and tools tested so far are no longer a guarantee of effectiveness and bringing the company to further successes. So let’s see how technology will change digital marketing in 2019, written by our friends over at Userful, who are experts in in-person digital marketing. 1. Technology that imitates the voice of real people Lyrebird is a system that allows you to create a digital voice from a small sample of recording. This will allow you to offer your customers a more humane and friendly experience. Imagine that we interact […]

Modern-age marketing is more about customers than the brand itself. The perspectives of your customers matter the most when you are trying to build a name and lead your market. According to a professional social media market consultant, every business requires positive customer reviews and social media proof to thrive in the digital market. If you can build loyalty, those customers help you enhance social media proof and attract more customers. With a social media marketing expert, you can effortlessly design a cycle of product reviews and keep increasing social media proof consistently. Here are 9 valuable ways you can […]

The content is king! And we are all mere subjects. Well, that’s not technically right, but does talk loudly about the power of content. This extremely fast and competitive digital world digests content more than ever. The ideal user today finds solace in content for nearly everything in his life. Be it his medical needs or financial security, he looks out for content regarding the same. However, this dependency on content doesn’t necessarily mean every content is consumable. With the number of options available to the consumer today, his preferences have changed too. The ideal consumer is very specific of […]

So what all are the industries which employs technical writers? Well there are plenty of them and they do pay well to their skilled employees. The demand for technical writers has been increased over time. The ones who mastered their skills are on immense heights while a lot of others are working hard to achieve success being a technical writer. Here are some of the best industries where Technical Writers are always in demand. Information Technology (IT) IT is one of the major hubs for providing a vast array of jobs in different fields. Technical writing is one of the […]

With the advancement of technology, digital marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses that provide both products and services. In fact, SEO (search engine optimization) leads to a 14.6% conversion rate compared to 1.7% for traditional outbound marketing (direct mail, print ads, radio ads, etc.). An increasing number of people are searching the web and reaching them online is more effective than a client-oriented approach. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, sticking to a single marketing strategy is not enough. Pay attention to emerging trends and consider new techniques to reach your target audience. After all, […]

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